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The Hollows is an interesting Urban Fantasy series written by Kim Harrison that follows Rachel, and her friends and business partners, Ivy the living vampire, and Jenks the pixie.  We find a long trail of lovers in Rachel’s wake on her search for Mr. Right and countless demons (literally and figuratively) that she has to fight on her road to happiness!

If this series were made into a movie, here is the cast I would choose!


Rachel – Jane Levy

Rachel is a spitfire which with the red hair to match.  No matter what she does she always seems to find herself in more and more trouble.  But she’s not afraid to lean on her friends for help!

To me, our lead heroine of the Hollows, Rachel Morgan, was the hardest to cast.  I couldn’t find anybody that looked exactly how I imagined Rachel in my head.  After tons of time searching, the closest I got was Jane Levy.  She has fresh look to her that I think is fitting to Rachel not to mention the red curly hair, although I imagined a much deeper, maroonish-colored red, but that’s just me 🙂

Ivy – Jamie Chung

Ivy is Rachel’s steadfast best friend and a member of one of the most powerful vampire families, but she has her own demons to slay, being scion to the cruel vampire, Piscary.

Who to pick for the kick-butt living vampire, Ivy?  I saw Jamie Chung and new she’d be perfect in my dream cast.  She’s petite, pretty, and tough!  If only I had a picture of her clad in Ivy’s signature leather!

Jenks – Zac Efron

And to finish the Vampiric Charms trifecta, we have Jenks.   He is the lively little pixie that kept me laughing in the early books of the series, with his constant cursing about the famous Tinkerbelle and is tougher than people 100 times his size!

Jenks forever looks young; he’s handsome and funny as hell.  When looking for my perfect Jenks I thought a lot about the time that Rachel made him big and how all the girls were ogling him.  So I knew I had to find the perfect balance of youth and heat wave inducing steaminess.  Zac Efron is a perfect fit!

Trent – Matthew McConaughey

Business tycoon and brimstone dealing genetic engineer, Trent, is one of my favorite characters of the series.  He is one of the last remaining elves on earth and he has made it his personal mission to revitalize his species and save them from extinction.

Trent is actually the first person that I knew who I’d cast.  Matthew McConaughey.  I don’t know if it’s because he just seems so Trent or my strange and unexplained secret attraction to him, that even I can’t figure out.  But as soon as I thought wispy blonde hair, Matthew was my man!

Kisten – Jason Lewis

Kisten is the sexy living vampire that has single-handedly kept Ivy sane most of her life.  And Rachel thought he was her one great love until he was taken away from her before his time.

Kisten was always one of my favorite characters, but was another one that I couldn’t find anybody that looked exactly like I imagined him, but Jason Lewis definitely would do him justice!

Nick – Blake Berris

Nick was Rachel’s first boyfriend in the series and the one that introduced her to demon summoning! He’s sneaky thief with questionable morals that get worse and worse as time goes on.

I had a very distinct image of Nick in my head and then I realized that it was a real life person that I had seen before in soap land …. It was Blake Berris!

Marshal – Vin Diesel

Another one of Rachel’s boyfriends, Marshal was known as the fit swimmer/scuba instructor.   But he couldn’t take the heat when Rach was shunned by the witch community.

Who better to play Marshal than my favorite baldy, Vin Diesel?

Pierce – James Franco

The last boyfriend I’m showing on Rachel’s relationship roe is Pierce.  Prim and proper except for his penchant for black magic!  Pierce is the ghost that Rachel raised for a night when she was a teenager trying to reach her deceased father.  Years later he comes back to her again and finds himself a human body to take up residence in.

James Franco is a pretty close to my perfect image of Pierce and I can almost hear him calling out “mistress witch” and all his odd and ancient ways of saying things.

David – Michael Trevino

David, the werewolf seeked out Rachel for a business deal of his own.  He would give her a great insurance rate if she became the only member of his pack, to assure he keeps his job without having to procreate.

David, the insurance adjuster werewolf, never came off to me as being the big massive wolf of other books, so I imagined him on a much smaller scale and I think that Michael Trevino would make a very cute and sexy David.  With look like that no wonder David gets women so easily!

Ceri – Elisha Cuthbert

Ceri was Al’s familiar that Rachel tricked him into releasing with her soul intact!  She is elf royalty that finds herself falling in love with Quinn, but pretends to be with Trent for the public.

Sweet, delicate little Ceri.  This one takes the perfect actress to pull of this soft and dreamy character.  Elisha Cuthbert seems made for this role!

Quinn – Javier Bardem

Quinn  is Trent’s head of security and the one that Rachel most trusts of anybody that lives on Trent’s property, including Trent.  Trent has a sense of humor, but an even stronger sense of loyalty.

The dark to Ceri’s light, is Quinn.  He’s a tough badass with a sense of humor.  He would risk his life for his Sa’han, or the family he’s made with Ceri.  Javier Bardem comes closest to my image of Quinn and I hope you agree.

Al – Ewan McGregor

Al was first summoned by Nick, but Rachel was soon finding herself in need to summon him as well.  They started out as enemies, but eventually come to point where they need each other for their own survival.

What about everyone’s favorite burnt amber scented demon in the crushed green velvet?  Ewan McGregor would be downright devilish in any getup!


What do you think of my picks for the Hollows cast?  Who would you pick?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below!!