The Good Twin

By Marti Green

ISBN# 9781503949850

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Mallory Holcom has never had an easy life.  She was raised by a single mother that was always scraping to get by.  Her mom was always working and didn’t have much time for Mallory.  At times her mom even resented her.  Now Mallory is an adult and living on her own.  But like her mom, she is poor.  She lives at a boardinghouse and works as a waitress, spending all her spare money to pursue her passion: art!

Then, one day she is mistaken for someone else.  It turns out the person she was mistaken for is her identical twin!  Her mom gave Charly up for adoption, knowing she couldn’t afford to take care of both babies.

Charly has lived a life of luxury having all the best things in life.  She was doted on by her rich parents, went to the best schools, and even owns an art gallery!

When Mallory goes to find Charly, she isn’t home, but her husband is.  Ben is miserable in his marriage, but has gotten used to the rich lifestyle Charly provides him and he refuses to leave it behind.  He sees Mallory as a way out and quickly formulates a plan.  A plan that will leave Charly dead and him with all her wealth!  But who can you really trust when the stakes are this high?

This book was okay, but I was expecting a bit more from it.  I don’t know who would accept Ben’s proposal.  A complete stranger that’s married to the sister you never met, who obviously despises her, wants you to help kill her?  Why would she believe anything Ben says?  And, with Mallory and Charly having matching handwriting I think there were much less drastic ways for him to get what he wants.  Why didn’t he just have her revoke the prenuptial agreement and proceed with a divorce like normal?  As the book progressed, we saw Ben for the greedy monster he is!

I did like the twist of what Mallory did behind Ben’s back.  It made the book better, but overall the book had an after school or Lifetime movie feel to it.  I was more impressed with the betrayal at the end, but even that wasn’t followed through to the end.

This book was okay, but didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.  I could have easily put it down at any time and not felt the pull to get back to it.  But perhaps those that read less than me would be more invested in it and could enjoy it to its fullest.  I find myself to be rather picky.

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