5 star rating
The Ghoul Next Door
Ghost Hunter Mystery, Book #8
By Victoria Laurie
ISBN# 9780451240606
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the-ghoul-next-door-ghost-hunter-mystery-victoria-laurieM.J., Heath, and Gilley are enjoying some well-deserved time away from their show, Ghoul Getters.  They are back in Boston to take things easy until the grueling taping schedule starts up again.  But relaxation isn’t in the cards.

M.J.’s ex, Steven, comes to her for help.  His fiancé’s (you heard me right!) brother is being haunted by a powerful evil shadowman, one that prevents Luke from living his life or even getting a good night’s sleep.  Steven, Courtney, and Luke turn to M.J. and, company as a last resort to end their nightmare so they can go back to living a normal life.  But they will need M.J.’s help more than ever when Luke becomes a suspect in a murder investigation and nobody can account for his whereabouts, even Luke himself!

I really enjoyed this installment of the Ghost Hunter Mysteries, as evidenced by my 5 star rating! This is only the 2nd book of the series that I’ve read, 8th in the series overall.  And, I thought the previous installment, What a Ghoul Wants was good, but this one was sooo much better!  This book was completely different from its predecessor as the ghost busting crew wasn’t on location at a haunted location, but were actually dealing with a spook that haunts people, not places!  And, let me tell you this spook puts the creep in creepy!  I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere near that house after learning that’s where the hauntings started! *shudder*

I also really enjoyed the interactions between Heath and M.J. in this installment.  We really got to see how their relationship works, and I loved seeing how much they cared and worried for the other. Steven and Courtney did add an interesting wrinkle to the Heath/M.J. dynamic.  It was especially fun to see the little jabs the guys would make toward one another.

Gilley was his fun fashionista self!  I like the changes that Michel has caused in him.  He was still fun, but wasn’t annoying as he could get from time to time in the last book.  And seeing the girl with no gaydor flirt with him was funny as well.

Overall this was a really good book that you should definitely check out.  This book is deep into a series, but you can easily pick it up anywhere … I picked it up in book 7 afterall:)