The French War Bride

The Wedding Tree, Book #2

By Robin Wells

IBSN# 9780425282441

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World War II Paris serves as the backdrop of a story of compassion, betrayal, and forgiveness from the national bestselling author of The Wedding Tree . . .
“I never knew what he saw in you.”

At her retirement home in Wedding Tree, Louisiana, ninety-one-year-old Amelie O’Connor is in the habit of leaving her door open for friends. One day she receives an unexpected visitor—Kat Morgan, the ex-fiancée of her late husband, Jack.

Kat and Jack were high school sweethearts who planned to marry when Jack returned from France after World War II. But in a cruel twist of fate, their plans were irrevocably derailed when a desperate French girl overheard an American GI’s confession in a Parisian church. . .

Now, Kat wants to know the truth behind a story that’s haunted her whole life. Finding out how Amelie stole Jack’s heart will—she thinks—finally bring her peace. As Amelie recalls the dark days of the Nazi occupation of Paris, The French War Bride reveals how history shapes the courses of our lives. . .for better or for worse.


This is a story that grips your soul as a reader, as you become immersed in the complexity of characters, the horrors and desperation of war, and the survival of those who lived through it. Through a backdrop of World War II Paris you follow the life and tragedies of Amelie and her family and friends as they fight to survive during the Nazi occupation. As Amelie relates this story on her terms, to Kat, her dying husband’s ex –fiancée, you hear why she was forced to make the choices that would ultimately change so many lives.

In retrospect, although Kat lived a relatively happy life with her own husband it has always bothered her why Jack had changed his mind about marrying her. Kat’s hospice had suggested that for peace of mind before death she find out the truth about what happened and thus she arrives unexpected at Amelie’s retirement residence.

Amelie knows what Kat is about to hear is not what Kat has preconceived to have happened however feels the story needs to be told.

The story makes you want to cry as you listen to Amelie’s story and I must say Kat comes across as a bit narcissistic as she seems to constantly ask “Did he really say I was beautiful” however when you take in the times, an engagement was a binding thing and to break it would be devastating as a jilt at the altar for the injured party. When Amelie comes to America, again she is met with injustice as she is portrayed by small town minds as the “Frenchie” who stole someone else’s beau. Her strength of character again comes through and she does survive.

I definitely would recommend this book. It certainly is not a light read but a well written and thought provoking novel. I know I am looking forward to other books by Robin Wells.

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