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The Dwarf and the Twins
Treasures Retold, Book #1
By Katharina Gerlach
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Martin lives a solitary life in the kingdom’s big forest. One day, he encounters a pregnant woman who is fleeing from the king’s soldiers. Little does he know that helping her will change his life forever, for the twins she bears will not stand idly by when his life is threatened.

The original story of Snow White and Rose Red by the Brothers Grimm tells us of two innocent maidens who help a talking bear through the winter. They also help a vicious dwarf despite his bouts of anger. In this tale, the dwarf is a little different, as is the bear…

The book includes a bonus story and the original fairy tale.


For fans of fairy tales, author Katharina Gerlach bring us the re-told tale of one of the most famous children stories from the Grimm Brothers, Snow White and Rose Red.  Katharina spins the story to make all the characters from the original story have a role to play and a happy ending.

The Dwarf and the Twins starts off the story before the events of Snow White and Rose Red, and it tells us more about the lives of the dwarf that the sisters meet three times in the original story.  Martin, as he is called, lives a solitary life in the woods of the kingdom that is dying of hunger from their greedy king. He, with the magic that he possesses, tries to free and keep alive the people that starve by working in the mines all day.

The story, also, shows more of the mother of Snow and Rose. We know of the land’s king and of his son, that is later turn into a bear, and even a fairy godmother that has to keep her word or she will lose her license.

I always like when authors take stories that we have known since our childhood, and changes them to make something new and different, but with the same characters that we know. It is always interesting and refreshing to read a story from the point of view of a character that is not one of the main characters.

The book comes with bonus stories that you will also like and with a copy of the original version of Snow White and Rose Red. If you like fairy tales, but are tired of the stories never changing, I recommend you to read The Dwarf and the Twins, were the sisters change the lives of the people around them and find true love at the first sight.

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