The Dream Hunter

Dark-Hunter, Book #10

Dream-Hunter, Book #1

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312938819

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Dr. Megeara Kafieri watched her dad lose his mind trying to find the lost city of Atlantis, or at least she thought he had lost his mind.  Her brother died on a dive on the same quest.  Geary hated how her father’s mission seemed to ruin their family.  So as Geary became an adult she distanced herself from her father, even changed her last name so as not to be associated with him as he was a laughing stock of the field.  But when Geary’s father dies, she is given two artifacts that prove Atlantis is real, swamping her with guilt on how she treated him.  Now it’s her mission to fulfill the promise she made to her father on his deathbed, a promise that at the time she had no intention of keeping, to find Atlantis and prove her father was right all along.

Arikos is a dream god that has been visiting Geary in her dreams for some time.  Their relationship is passionate, fun, and vivid!  He’s even dosed her with a serum to make her sleep in an effort to call her to him.  An effort that isn’t working as nearly well as he’d like.  But now he’s being told that he must move on to other humans, he’s growing too attached.  However, he isn’t ready to live without her.  He goes to Hades and makes a deal to be mortal for a couple weeks so he can be with her on the human plane.  A deal that will cost Geary her soul when the two weeks are up!

However, Arik is surprised when he gets to the human world and Geary is totally different, she’s more reserved and not throwing herself at him like in her dreams.  Now he must learn how to maneuver in that world and earn her trust.  But it all may come crashing down when Geary learns his secrets.

I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one, I really just didn’t like it all that much.  It was okay, but it failed to keep my interest.  This relationship just didn’t have the heat that I was hoping for.  I feel much like Arikos when he finally got to meet Geary, disappointed that things in her dreams were so much more satisfying!

I liked Arikos and I even liked Geary somewhat, although she was a bit boring at times (a lot of times).  I just felt their connection was lacking, which made for an uneventful story.  I really just hope the other Dream Hunter books won’t be as dull.

The bright spot to me in this book were the Greek gods…. I really enjoyed the little bit we got with Hades, when Geary and Katya brought Persephone to help them.  I loved the interaction between Hades and Persephone.  I felt it humanized him a bit and gave us a completely different image of him, a much sexier image, although I was still partially envisioning the Disney version (Blue flaming hair and all) in my mind.  

And it’s not lost on me how close the Disney’s female lead’s name (Megara aka Meg) was to our female leads (Megeara) …

I’m just really hoping the next Dream Hunter can interest me a little more than Arikos did 🙂  And if not, then just give me some more time with Hades!!



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