The Devil Wears Black

By L.J. Shen

ISBN# 9781542025553

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Maddie Goldbloom comes home from her date with new beau, Ethan, to find her ex on her doorstep. 

Things ended badly with Chase when she went to his apartment to surprise him on his birthday. And, she was the one surprised when he came in with another woman!  It’s taken a lot for Maddie to move on and she doesn’t need or want him back in her life.  But he uses his power of manipulation to not only get her to hear him out, but to go along with what he wants!

They just found out Chase’s dad is dying from cancer and for whatever reason his family adored Maddie.  So, Chase told his family they were engaged and he wants her to attend their weekend engagement party in the Hamptons with him.  With her own mother having died from cancer, when Maddie was younger, she has a soft spot for Chase’s family and what they’re going through.  She agrees to the weekend, but makes it clear that it’s a onetime thing and she won’t agree to an ongoing farce.  However, Maddie just can’t say no to Chase when he needs his fiancé to make more appearances.

How can Maddie keep this up without getting her heart crushed in the process?  Chase is a fun time, but he is definitely NOT marriage material.  And, how long will Ethan be able to put up with Chase and Maddie’s games?

I really loved this book!  It reminds me of why I fell in love with this author to begin with.  When I first starting reading her work, I was completely hooked.  And, there have been a few that were just okay.  However, this book more than made up for that. 

I loved how Shen was able to create a fun couple that I could truly get invested in.  I loved the banter between these two.

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” He put a hand on his chest mockingly.

“At least our hopes are aligned.”

Chase was the perfect mix of cocky successful billionaire, crass jokester, and secretly sweet too.  The things Amber and Julian put him through were quite ridiculous honestly.  And, I can completely understand why he was afraid of love.

Maddie was quite the character too.  She was fun and marched to the beat of her own drummer.  She had her own unique style and had no problem owning that, even with Chase’s teasing about it.  She also was always willing to help others.  Which of course, is what got her into this predicament with her ex!

As I’ve already mentioned, I loved the banter between Maddie and Chase!   This book was filled to the brim with their amazing repartee! I loved that they were joking non-stop….  Nothing was too serious or too important of an event not to get a little laugh or jab in.  And, Chase’s internal dialogue could be really fun as well.

There was a ton of sexual chemistry between this couple.  However, it wasn’t as steamy as you would think, in terms of actual sex scenes, despite Chase’s dirty mouth (which I loved).  So if you are one that doesn’t like those play-by-play intimate scenes, but don’t mind some filthy language, you should give this one a try.

“Your horns are showing, Mr. Black.”

“That,” I whispered into her mouth, catching her lower lip between my teeth and tugging, speaking low enough our audience couldn’t hear, “is because for you, I’m always horny.”

And, I agree with Chase.  Feisty Maddie is the best Maddie!  I loved seeing her getting her own jabs in with Amber and even Chase.

This is one of those books that made me hate things like work getting in the way of my reading enjoyment.  I hated putting the book down, and couldn’t wait to dive right back in!  There is nothing I would change about it, except maybe make it longer because I want MORE!!  I adore this couple and would love to see more of their happily ever after.  With that said, I’m really hoping this is the start of a series.  I mean Grant and Layla could definitely find their way back together, and Ethan and Katie, although I don’t know how you make Ethan exciting after this one.  But if anyone can resurrect his character, it would have to be L.J. Shen!  And, then there is Julian …  so many options.  Please!  Let this become a series!

“I bowed my head down, plastering my forehead to hers, breathing her in. I closed my eyes. We both knew there was not an ounce of romance in that moment. It was a pure this-planet-is-crazy-and-the-human-condition-is-trash moment. It was an end-of-the-world moment, and there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.”