4 star rating
The Demon’s Wife 
By Rick Hautala
ISBN# 9781936564958
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*Beware of Spoilers*


Claire McMullen is just an ordinary woman — until you look at her long, beautiful bright-red hair. She has a job she hates, a roommate she tolerates, and she spends her weekend nights bar-hopping, looking for her “Mr. Right.” One cold, rainy night she meets Samael — tall, dark, handsome and rich — and a romance blossoms. Claire thinks she may have found her soulmate — until Samael informs Claire that he’s actually a demon.

Can Claire trust a demon’s claims of true love-or is he just plotting after her immortal soul? Can a demon even feel true love, and if so…

What are the consequences of such a love for both Hell and Heaven?


Claire has no excitement in her life. Her days are filled with the minutiae of life. She is not unhappy but nor is she happy. She exists; she treads water so to speak. That all changes when she meets Samael.

Initially, Claire feels Samael is too good to be true. He is hot; they have a serious attraction. He is wealthy, unmarried.

There are signs that all is not as is appears. At times Samael disappears with no explanation. Weird things go on around him. As each bizarre incident occurs, the look on his face makes it clear he is somehow involved. Samael enjoys the chaos; he takes pleasure in the disruptions and the pain inflicted on others. I was pretty annoyed with the things he allowed to happen to Claire. She should not have been put through that crap.

I like Claire as a character but I feel it took her too long to figure out the obvious. Once she knows she is determined to “fix” him and keep him on the straight and narrow. As women, we are told to avoid relationships in which we want to “fix” a man. It is usually a doomed relationship. I did not think Samael could change or love Claire the way she deserves. He is a demon; I figured he was inherently evil.

Claire and Samael fall in love, despite the odds. But what are the consequences? Could Samael quit being a demon? Could he change his life? I did not think so, but I underestimated the ability of love to change people.

Samael wants to be with Claire no matter what he has to endure. They both endure a lot to be together. They are tormented by other demons. They face a lot of obstacles but their love grows stronger. Claire and Samael are willing to do whatever it takes to be free to love one another.

Samael truly changed. Claire’s love inspired him to be a better person. His character development was fascinating and kept me hooked on the book. Once I began reading, I could not put it down.

The Demon’s Wife is a fun read. It is filled with humor. I laughed quite a bit, at Samael. I could easily imagine the ornery look on his face.

I think men and women will like this book. It is too detailed in the sex scenes for a young adult.