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The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush
The Darling Dahlias, Book #5
By Susan Wittig Albert
ISBN# 9780425260609
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National bestselling author Susan Wittig Albert takes readers back in time to small-town Darling, Alabama, in the 1930s—where the Darling Savings and Trust has just closed and the women of the Darling Dahlias’ garden club are betting their bottom dollar there’s going to be trouble… 

It’s the spring of 1933 and times are tough all over. The only businessman not struggling is moonshiner Mickey LeDoux, though he still has to steer clear of federal agents. But banks are closing all over the country, and the small town of Darling is no exception. Folks are suddenly caught short on cash and everyone is in a panic.

Desperate to avoid disaster, several town leaders—including Alvin Duffy, the bank’s new vice president—hatch a plan to print Darling Dollars on newspaperman Charlie Dickens’ printing press. The “funny money” can serve as temporary currency so the town can function. But when the first printing of the scrip disappears, the Darling Dahlias set out to discover who made an unauthorized withdrawal.

Meanwhile County Treasurer Verna Tidwell questions whether she can trust Alvin Duffy—and the feelings he stirs up inside her. And Liz Lacy learns her longtime beau may be forced into a shotgun wedding. Seems other troubles don’t just go away when there’s a crisis. There’ll be no pennies from heaven, but if anyone can balance things out, folks can bank on the Darling Dahlias…

Includes Southern-Style Depression-Era Recipes


The Darling Dahlias and The Silver Dollar Bush is set in the 1930’s, a time of the depression, bank runs and moonshiners. The little town of Darling,Alabama is dealing with all three and more. The Darling Dahlias are always there to help those in need in their close knit community. When the only bank in town closes and stays closed, things look grim. Some of the town leaders come up with the idea of printing their own money, Darling Dollars to use locally. Hopefully this will be a temporary solution to keep the town going.

The new bank vice president, Alvin Duffy is at the root of the Darling Dollars. Some of the Dahlias wonder what his intentions are with the bank and the eligible ladies in town. Verna finds out his history and it is a doozy. As the town reels from the bank closing, the former bank manager’s actions, the tragic events at moonshiner Mickey LeDoux’s still, Liz Lacy gets some unexpected and upsetting news of her own.

The ladies in this small southern town would be amazing to have as friends in any era. The characters are fun, intuitive, heartwarming, diversified and inquisitive. Susan Wittig Albert is a wonderful author and all of her series are great. This newer series of hers is entertaining and truly enjoyable. The reader gets a glimpse of life in a small southern town in the 30’s when the world was in turmoil. This installment is set in the spring of 1933. Things are desperate, however the ladies are so strong and love their community so much they assist the citizens of Darling, Alabama as much as they can. The garden tips and depression era southern recipes included are just a wonderful added bonus.

I would recommend The Darling Dahlias and The Silver Dollar Bush to any cozy reader, garden lover and anyone interested in life in the 30’s. The writing style is as pleasant as a cool drink of sweet tea (the only way to drink it in the south) on a hot southern afternoon. Ms Wittig Albert is an excellent writer, whose style, well developed characters and enjoyable settings always deliver. I can not wait for the next installment.

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