The Cure for What Ales You

Sloan Krause #5

By Ellie Alexander

ISBN13: 9781250781451

Author’s Website:

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After a long cold winter, spring is beginning to bloom in the alpine village of Leavenworth, Washington, where craft brewer Sloan Krause and her partner in crime Garrett Strong are putting the finishing touches on their bright and refreshing Lemon Kiss ale. They’ll be debuting their new line at the Maifest celebration, which will bring visitors from near and far to dance around the Maipole and shop at the outdoor flower markets.

Despite the festive spirit in the air, Sloan is brewing over her past. She’s spent months following leads that have turned into dead ends. But when she spots a woman who strongly resembles Marianne—a long lost contact who may be her only connection to piecing together her story—she hopes that things might be taking a turn in her favor. That hope is quickly smashed when Marianne is involved in the murder of a local housekeeper. To make matters worse, Marianne issues a dire warning that Sloan and her entire family are in danger. If Sloan can’t figure out who the killer is and what happened in her past, she won’t find any hoppy endings. (Goodreads)


Another truly delightful story from Leavenworth, Washington! In The Cure for What Ales You, this fifth book in the Sloan Krause series, we find the town preparing for and celebrating Maifest. In this story, we get some serious traction with respect to Sloan’s past…and her future 🙂

Brief synopsis because I want to leave the juicy bits for the reader to discover. Maifest is in full swing in Leavenworth and as usual – Nitro has crafted a new brew – Lemon Kiss. Sure wish I could taste that…. but at least the descriptions are bountiful and detailed so that I can imagine the new brew. For the last while, Sloan has been trying to learn more about her childhood (prior to losing her mother and growing up in the foster care system). Sloan has little recollection of that time, but that has not stopped her from trying to recall any flash of memory that she can. She learns that Marianne (her aunt) had put her in the system to hide her (Marianne’s words), but she was now back trying to warn Sloan of imminent danger to her and her family:

If I had kept you, he would have found us and killed us both.”

Well that is truly ominous. With Marianne back in town, Sloan attempts to learn all that she can about the “threat”. While Marianne is in town, there is a murder and it looks like Marianne might be a suspect. So sleuthing Sloan will try to solve the murder to learn the truth about her past as well as to clear (or confirm) Marianne of the suspicion of murder.

What I like most about The Cure for What Ales You is the storytelling surrounding the family and all of its twisted/unusual dynamics. We see how Sloan and Mac (her soon-to-be ex-husband) getting along, co-parenting and essentially co-existing in Leavenworth in this newly developing relationship as ex’s. Sloan maintaining her solid relationships with her in-laws (Otto and Ursula), protecting her only child and the growth (albeit growing only by centimeters it seems) of a more personal relationship between herself and Garrett. I am truly enjoying this slow progression.

There are also many questions regarding Sloan’s past that get resolution throughout this book. This does make me wonder where new intrigue will come from in the next (if there is a next) book in the series. I have to think there will be since I want to see if a more personal relationship develops between Sloan and Garrett.

The mystery surrounding the murder kept my interest as well as kept me guessing until the end trying to figure out whodunit – just the way I like my cozy mysteries? Do note that you can read this fifth installment of the Sloan Krause series as a stand-alone – but if you have the time – I would say reading from the start of the series would add to your understanding of the characters and the situations they find themselves in.

I can’t wait to revisit Leavenworth, when Ellie Alexander decides to write another installment of the Sloan Krause series. If you enjoy fulsome cozy mysteries involving a unique location, interesting characters and beer, then I suggest picking up The Cure for What Ales You and setting aside some time to really get immersed in all things Leavenworth, all its wonderfully fun German inspired celebrations and the interesting inhabitants of this Bavarian inspired town.