2 star rating
The Craving
Rogues of Scotland, Book #1
By Donna Grant
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the-craving-rogues-of-scotland-donna-grantMeg Alpin has just had her heart broken by the man she was supposed to marry.  He left her on the day of their wedding, running off with someone else, and taking her dowry with him!!  Meg has accepted that she is now unwedable.  Her aunt has offered her the use of her castle to stay at while she licks her wounds.  But while going through the furniture in the tower, Meg finds a strange mirror that instead of a reflection, all you can see is complete darkness.  Imagine her surprise when a man pops out of that very mirror!

Ronan has led a carefree life, taking what he wants, when he wants it.  But after witnessing his mother and sister manipulate men to get what they want, he doesn’t believe in love or even like women all that much.  They are good for one thing, sating his desires.  And, when a gypsy caravan comes to the nearby lands, the saucy Ana catches his eye.  But when he refuses to marry her, she takes her own life, and her grandmother curses him to live inside the very mirror that Meg has just found.  But what must Ronan do to earn his freedom for good?

I wanted to like this novella, but honestly I found it a bit cheesy, ok, a lot cheesy, and I just couldn’t get into it at all.

The storyline with the rogue commitment-phobe being cursed to live in a mirror was interesting enough. But the execution was off and the story went downhill fast!

These two characters, Ronan and Meg, were one-dimensional and boring.  There really was nothing interesting about them.  And, you could see how the plot was going to go from the very beginning … that Meg’s love would overcome Ronan’s fear of being tied down and it would break the curse.  Similar stories have been done throughout the ages, and nothing really separates this one from the pack.