2 star rating
The Chosen Seed
The Forgotten Gods, Book #3
By Sarah Pinborough
ISBN# 9780425258507
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the-chosen-seed-the-forgotten-gods-sarah-pinboroughCass Jones is a man on the run. Wanted for a pair of murders he didn’t commit. But he knows his fellow police officers will never believe his innocence, they all think he cracked after his brother’s death. So now he’s forced to live in the shadows, depending on a few solid friends to help him along the way.

But while living the invisible life he also is still hunting down Mr. Bright and trying to find his kidnapped nephew. He WILL find Luke, even if saving him costs Cass his own life. He owes Christian that much; to see his boy safe.

The first book in this series blew me away, it was just soooo good. But I’ve found that I’ve liked each of the following two installments a little bit less than the one before it. I think a lot of it has to do with just forgetting so much of what happened from book to book, there are no refreshers in this series! These last two have had so many characters narrating and being involved in general that I just can’t keep them all straight!

But I have finally gotten used to the U.K. spellings of things! I know, took me long enough! It didn’t bother me in this installment in the least!

This book was so detailed oriented and had so much going on that a majority of the book really did go in one ear and out the other. I would read something, especially in the first half of the book, and have no clue what I read when I was done. It took a lot longer than usual to get into it, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember who Cass was accused of murdering until pretty late in the book, when they said something about the knife.

Once Cass found what he thought was his nephew the book got interesting and I enjoyed it. But it took so long to get to that point. I just wish the book could have started there!

I found the ending of this novel to be pretty interesting. Cass becoming what he never in a million years would have expected. The series completely came full-circle with this ending.

I highly recommend reading this trilogy back-to-back so that you don’t miss any of the details. I unfortunately had to wait between books for the installments to be released, and I think it really did hamper my enjoyment of the series as a whole.