3 Star rating
The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice
Barking Detective #4
By Waverly Curtis
ISBN# 9781617730627
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Aspiring P.I. Geri Sullivan’s new case has got her talking Chihuahua, Pepe, hot under the collar. Wealthy widow Lucille Carpenter left her entire fortune to her beloved dogs, and someone is trying to poison them. Anyone who would hurt a perro is lower than a cucaracha in Pepe’s book. But when Geri and Pepe investigate, they discover that it’s not just the coddled canines who are in danger. Now there are human targets too.

At the lavish Carpenter Manor, Pepe digs for clues among the pampered pooches, bitter relatives, suspicious staff, and larcenous lawyers. But there’s only one diminutive detective smart enough to save the day–and the dogs…


This is a cute cozy, an easy read. This is the fourth book in the series, but the first book from these authors (Waverly Curtis is the joint byline for the mystery writing team Waverly Fitzgerald and Curt Colbert) that I have read. This is exactly the type of book I enjoy when I read a cozy mystery.  Light, fluffy with a bit of mystery.  I laughed at the attitude and antics of Pepe.  He is definitely a little dog with BIG attitude.  And of course, the only person that could hear Pepe speak was his owner, Geri.  You would think this unusual (and it is), but through the book, at least one other character claims to understand their dog!

Geri and Felix (her boyfriend) were not without some strife, though the difficulties seemed to be easily overcome.  I liked that they were both pet people and were reticent to leave their pets at home alone when they traveled.  And in the end, he assisted with the rescue of Lucille Carpenter’s dogs from harm’s way – which elevated his status to good boyfriend in my mind.

What can I say about Jimmy G?  He was certainly a character with attitude right out of the 1940’s gum shoe era.  That was cute, however his referring to himself in the third person did get tiresome (or should I say VERY annoying) after a while….

If you want a light and fluffy cozy ready, then this is a book you will enjoy, even without the history of the first three books in the series.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*