Dark Urban Fantasy Bestselling Author, Kenya Wright has just released her second book in the Santeria Habitat series (Adult Dark Urban Fantasy), sequel to Fire Baptized entitled ‘The Burning Bush’!

For those who might not know, author Kenya Wright did a guest blog for OBS back in January, Three Techniques to Presenting Fantasy and Sci-fi Worlds’ where she gives the readers useful tips for writing their own stories, and now she is back with a new book for everyone to enjoy.

The Burning Bush, synopsis:

After Dante Bottelli’s slaughter of Vamp-owned Mixbreeds, Lanore and Zulu execute a well-planned attack that hits Dante where it hurts the most—his pockets. But their attack triggers a chain of unfortunate events, and allows Detective Rivera to blackmail Lanore.

Rivera forces Lanore to investigate his case, the Burning Bush Murders. Someone’s been tying girls to bushes and setting them on fire. Lanore must find the killer, or Rivera goes public with his information.

Meanwhile, Dante won’t take his defeat without a fight. He counterattacks and the Santeria habitat, as well as Lanore’s and Zulu’s lives, are changed forever.

You can grave you copy of The Burning bush here.

Visit author Kenya Wright at her official website here.

If you enjoyed Fire Baptized then you have to read this next installment to the series, spread the word Urban Fantasy fans!