4 star


The Brothers’ Keepers

Parched, #2

By N.L.B. Horton

ISBN# 9780991401734

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A friend’s deception. A family’s dilemma.

While cataloging looted antiquities in Brussels, archaeologist Grace Madison discovers that her daughter has vanished in France, and her son’s bride has been attacked in Switzerland. After the Madison family unearths a relic whose taproot pierces the Ancient Near East, they realize that before they can save themselves, they must rescue an old friend. If he’ll let them.

Because choosing what’s right is all that’s left.


The writing style of N.L.B. Horton still continues to grab me and hold my attention.  A well written story with a VERY intricate plot filled with all the necessary components: action, drama and lest we forget….danger (okay…and a bit of romance).  Another fine spy, save my child, adventure in this second installment of the Parched series.  Once again the reader is thrust in the midst of an international spy thriller that imparts a myriad of historical facts while roaming about Europe.  And for archeological buffs, I am sure this read will appeal to you as it did to me (finally putting that undergraduate degree to use)! The story begins with a mother (in Brussels) trying to rescue her child!   Maggie vanishes (yet again) while in France and the new daughter-in-law is attacked while in Switzerland. An auspicious beginning!  But never fear as Grace (the mother) will persevere to find Maggie and find out whom and why Becca was attacked.

The imagery in Horton’s writing is engaging and visualizing locations, etc. was very easy to do.  For example:

“I entered the nave, my wet footsteps slapping softly on the pale limestone.”

The descriptions in this book are SO great – another example:

“Steele warned us about the redhead,” Merrit muttered in the crosscurrent of Vatican frankincense and Roman pizza. Aromas washing over St. Peter’s Square—one distinctly Eastern, the other stereotypically Western—represented the ongoing conflict between church and state.”

With descriptions such as this throughout, I really felt as if I was there and very much immersed, like I was there.  I was constantly on a roller coaster trying to keep up with the twists and turns.  But all is good!

The reader is inundated with locales….London, Israel, Germany, Rome, and Venice….a veritable trip around Europe, with the descriptions so engaging. Agnelli—-sly renegade priest – one of many “odd” characters I loved in this book.  The old crew of retired spies were back in action, which certainly provided a chuckle or two.  I loved the way the Madison family gathered together to follow this mystery across continents together and for the common goal.

The reader can hope that the family will succeed in their quest (I vote for probably since it is rumored that there is another book coming out), but the journey was so gripping that it kept me turning page after page LONG after lights should have been out.  I will patiently (as best as I can) await the third book in this series!

 *OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*