The Brightest Embers
Broken Destiny, Book #3
By Jeaniene Frost
ISBN# 9781460397817
Author’s Website:
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*Beware of possible spoilers*

Ivy, Adrian, and company are continuing their quest as they search for the final hallowed object, the spearhead of Longinus.  This object can free all the humans trapped in the demon realms.  However, being the most powerful of the three objects it will undoubtedly kill Ivy if she wields it.  Therefore, Adrian would do almost anything to keep Ivy from finding it.  And, he does his best to keep her on the wrong course.  But in the end, they both realize how important it is to find the spearhead to keep it out of the wrong hands.   And to do the right thing for once.

The couple is speeding headfirst into their own demise, and they must cherish every last moment they have together.  And, the demons have found a new way to track them and are attacking at every turn.  Ivy and Adrian must work together if they want to succeed even if it means throwing their lives away to save the innocent.

I always enjoy a good Jeaniene Frost book and I expected this one to be great being the final book in the trilogy.  However, I found this novel to be rather lacking.  I had a very hard time connecting with the book and reconnecting with the characters and their plight.  This book was way too easy for me to put down and it overall just didn’t interest me much.

You can’t really blame Adrian for trying to sabotage Ivy in her quest, but he definitely got off pretty easy once she figured it out.  However, I guess if you’re planning to die you want to spend as little time arguing as possible and just be with the one you love.

I also found Jasmine to be rather obnoxious and she didn’t really bring anything to the story.

At least we had Brutus though.  You can’t beat a happy tail-wagging gargoyle!

There was one thing that occurred in this book that I saw coming from a mile away.  It took the characters forever to figure it out though!  And, it tied in with just how the demons were finding them as well!

Overall it was an okay read, but I just expect so much more from this author.