4 star rating
The Beautiful American
By Jeanne MacKin
ISBN# 9780451465825
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*Beware of Spoilers*

the-beautiful-american-jeanne-mackinI really enjoyed this book and thought it was well written with a lot of unexpected twists and turns and a few parts in the book actually made me cry. but the character that this book is based upon, I don’t like so much. Lee Miller, she is selfish, needy and careless with lives of the people around her and did not care about what her actions would and could do to those around her. Nora, a childhood “friend” and confidant of the beautiful American Lee Miller though is my favorite character. You have a rich little girl who at a very young age of seven had been raped by a sailor, a family friend and contracted a disease. And then you have Nora.

Nora, a sweet and unassuming young girl, meets her high school sweetheart and they run off together. They both travel the world to take the perfect picture that will give Jamie the fame and notoriety that he is searching for in Photography. The young couple wait to get married because of a promise Jamie had made to his dad, not to wed until the age of 25. The marriage never takes place.

Throughout their lives these two keep running into each other, and they both are surrounded by a hodgepodge of misfits, friends and lovers. This is really about an American that was an iconic figure in the 1920’s by her beauty. Lee Miller somehow captured the hearts of anyone she was came in contact with and somehow they always forgave her of her wrong doings. Nora is the opposite of Lee but somehow they need each other although Lee would never admit needing anyone, Nora gave Lee the push she needed after the rape and Lee gave Nora back her heart.

Lives are turned upside down, inside out by the actions of one Lee Miller but yet near the end there is a change in Lee and in Nora that both never saw coming. This is about friends, forgiving and the things you do for those you love, especially a child. The hurt, pain and angst that we put each other through and not seeing things for the way they are sometimes until it’s too late.

I myself would not be able to forget and forgive as easy as these people in the book and really can’t see people overlooking such actions of meanness and disregard but they do and they did. This is the roaring 20’s a time of love, lust and women in a world of men, money and war.

I am so glad I got to read this and I believe you will be glad you read this too.

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