The Bachelor Cowboy

The Wyoming Cowboy, Book #6

By Jessica Claire

ISBN: 9780593102022

Author Website: jillmyles(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Jack Watson is the youngest of the Watson brothers and the third to find his love in the latest book of The Wyoming Cowboy series. When Jack and his brothers moved from Alaska to help their uncle on the farm for the summer, none of them thought they would stay longer than calving season. But now that his older brothers have settled down and don’t plan on moving back to Alaska, Jack needs to figure out his own life in Painted Barrel. Before this though, he needs to help his sister-in-law, Becca, with the charity auction on Valentine’s Day. The auction is to help raise money for the local animal shelter and with Becca being part of the committee, Jack has no choice but to help her out. 

Layla is the local accountant, she’s geeky, nerdy, loves games and crafts, and prefers weekends to herself. She is done trying to find a boyfriend and getting set up with blind dates by her mom. Layla is enjoying her life at Painted Barrel going out with her friends, her hobbies and taking care of her clients taxes, but when her friend Becca asks for help with the charity event, Layla can’t believe Becca wants her to bid on handsome Jack Watson. Not knowing what to expect, Layla takes her crochet to pass the time.

Once at the auction, things aren’t going so well. Not many people show up and they are short on funds. At Jack’s turn, bids aren’t enough, and when Layla’s mom shows up bidding on him, Layla steps up and bids the amount needed to reach the goal. Jack is amazed and Layla surprised by what she just did. Now, Jack has an official date with Layla, exactly like he wanted.

I have to confess this is my favorite book of the Watson brothers. Jack’s chemistry with Layla is so cute! Layla is such a relatable character with girls nowadays that like sci-fi movies and games. She’s also happy the way she is and has friends that appreciate her friendship. Her relationship with her mom is very toxic, but she learns to confront her with the help of those that really care for Layla. I also loved that Layla liked feeling comfy with herself and what she wears, but knows when to be cute or sexy. Her dates with Jack were experiences every girl goes through when they’re nervous. 

Jack is a good brother and person. He felt attracted to Layla even though she avoided him. He let her know he liked her for who she was and not for appearances. It is also interesting to see someone like Jack who looks like he can do it all, feel hesitant about taking big steps in life, such as starting his own cattle business. But it was nice that Layla believed in him and offered financial advice as an accountant because she knew he could do it, unlike her mom.

Fans of the series can also catch glimpses of previous characters and what they have been up to. My favorite part was definitely the auction. It was hilarious and quite fun to read, especially with Cora and her coin purse. This book has it all, it’s fun and a good read. There’s no better modern couple than Layla and Jack.

Favorite Quotes:

“For all that the town was bigger than most of the ones he’d been in over in Alaska, there didn’t seem to be a ton of single women. They all seemed to be married or ancient.”

“Nerds didn’t run in packs. Nerds were lone wolves. Thus, Layla had been lone-wolfing it around Painted Barrel for far too long.”

“I can’t believe you brought your crochet to the auction.”

“Believe it, sister. Mrs. Kilpatrick brought hers.”

“She’s ninety.”

“I’ve had years and years of therapy to learn how to handle it. In fact, I should  schedule my next appointment right now.“