The Authority Always Wins

True Blood Season 5, Episode 2: Recap & Review

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

This episode picks up where episode 1 left off with Tara attacking Sookie.  Tara bites Sookie and leaves Sook screaming for help.  Lafayette tries to help, but is thrown across the lawn.  They scream for Pam to do something to which she replies she is doing something; laughing.  You got to love Pam!  Then, Pam reluctantly instructs Tara, as her maker, not to bite Sookie or Tara and puts her in Sookie’s house telling her to stay in the house and Pam leaves.  Tara commences to destroy Sookie’s kitchen.  They have to get her to ground before the sun rises.  Lafayette cuts his arm and gets her feeding from him and Sookie puts silver chains around her neck and the two of them drag her into the cubby hole.

The next day Sookie overhears Lafayette’s thoughts and rushes down into the cubby hole just in time to stop him from staking Tara.  She tells him about how out of control Jessica was at first and that it just takes time and they can create a life for Tara if he just gives her a chance.

When Tara awakens she speeds into the kitchen to inform Sookie and Lafayette that she will never forgive them.

Bill, Eric, and Nora are taken to the authority.  Nora tries to convince them that she had no intention of betraying them, but nobody believes her.  They throw them all into jail and when Bill lies to the authority all the prisoners are blasted with a light that burns them all.  Then, Bill and Eric are taken separately into interrogation rooms hooked up to IV’s filled with liquid silver that is injected to them at the interrogator’s will.  They lie to both of them telling each the other already betrayed them and has been set free and they tell Eric that Nora has been sentenced with the True Death.  But neither Eric nor Bill breaks.

Bill, Eric, and Nora are then taken to the council where we meet the Guardian played by Chris Meloni.  The council discusses what punishment should be carried out to Eric and Bill and it’s decided they should get the true death.  But when asked if they have anything to say before punishment is rendered Bill offers an exchange he and Eric’s life for Russell Egington’s.  They laugh it off knowing Russell is dead, but Bill informs them he was never killed, but put to ground and that he has escaped.

Terry has several war flashbacks causing him to act a little crazy.  Sleepwalking and telling Arlene that death is coming and then later pushing Arlene when she comes up behind him when he was cooking.  Arlene figures Patrick is behind it and goes to visit him.  While there Terry shows up and tells her he needs to talk to Patrick and for her to leave.  Arlene informs Patrick that she has kids and that she has invested a lot in Terry and she won’t lose him and for the two of them to fix this problem.  Then, she leaves.

Pam has several flashbacks including when she meets a very handsome and debonair Eric.

Marcus’s father (?) informs Alcide that he will never bow to him and they try to get him to take part in eating Marcus, but Alcide refuses.  Martha tells him that her son was flawed, but that he deserves respect.  Alcide disagrees.  He tells them that he doesn’t want to be pack master and to find someone else and walks away.

Luna takes Sam home and Martha shows up begging Luna to let her have a part in Emma’s life.  Luna refuses.  Sam tries to make Luna see reason in case Emma does end up being a wolf.  They fight and Sam leaves.  Later, Luna goes to Emma’s room trying to get her to go to sleep and sees a wolf pup in Emma’s place.

Steve Newlin crashes Jessica’s latest party and asks to speak with her in private.  He offers her 10 thousand dollars for Jason.  She asks for 20 thousand, but he refuses.  She eventually gets him to agree to 20, but ultimately refuses telling him that she doesn’t sell her friends.  She makes Steve and all her guests leave.

After such a great premiere episode last week, I found this one to be a great disappointment and found it to be a total snore.

It was great to see Chris Meloni and he played his role superbly, I only wish it had been more interesting tonight.

To me the highlights of the episode were Pam’s line about she is doing something and the Emma being a werewolf storyline.  Everything else just seemed like more of the same of the last scenes of last week’s episode and had a total been there, done that feel.

I’m hopeful the next episode will be better.