The Angels’ Share

The Bourbon Kings, Book #2

By J.R. Ward

ISBN#  9780451475282

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the-angels-share-the-bourbon-kings-j-r-wardLane Baldwine is still reeling from not only his father’s apparent suicide, but also the dire straits that he left the family business, The Bradford Bourbon Company, in.  There are millions of dollars missing, the exact amount is unsure, but Lane has one of his money crunching friends working on finding out on just how big of a hole they’re in.  Then his father’s severed finger is found buried on the property and what appeared to be a suicide is now deemed murder.  And Lane worries that his brother is responsible.

The only thing going good in Lane’s life, is finally being with the woman he loves, Lizzie King.  Things are going great between them and Lane can’t wait to marry her (if he’d be so lucky as to have her to agree), he just has to get his pesky divorce taken care of.

This book picks up where the first installment, The Bourbon Kings, left off.  It was a little confusing at first when we were reintroduced to all the Baldwine’s as the book used their ‘real’ names instead of what they are normally called so it took me a little bit to adjust.  But it quickly went back to using the names we’re used to.

I was pretty happy to get back into the series.  I enjoyed watching the events unfold.  But somewhere along the way I lost interest with all the little side stories and found myself kind of bored.  I didn’t really care about what was going on with Sutton or at Edward’s ranch.

I was however, interested in Lane and Lizzie.  I absolutely love Lane and can never get enough of him.  He’s got a lot riding on his shoulders and he just keeps on being forced to take on more and more.  But I have no doubt he will do whatever it takes to save his family’s business and provide for those he loves.

And Lane’s sister, Gin, makes it hard to really like her, but I couldn’t help, but be drawn into her story as well.  Her new husband, Richard, is the perfect villain that you love to hate, and are expected to loathe.  I can’t believe what Gin is willing to put up with in order to have money, especially considering that it doesn’t appear that Richard is willing to spend said money on her.  But oh Samuel T …

“My client’s arrived, I can tell the purr of a Porsche anywhere. It’s like the sound of a woman’s orgasm–something you never forget.”

Turning away, he paused at the archway. “Something for you to work toward with her, Richard. Good luck with that, and call me if you need any instruction. I gave her her first one.”

I absolutely love Samuel T. and so badly want him to ride to the rescue.  He definitely made strides toward that, but Gin has to be willing to let him save the day.  I really think Gin and Samuel T. make this book and I can’t wait to see more of them.

“Because you, my darling, are like poison ivy to me. Even though I know that it will only make things worse, I can’t help but scratch.”

“Oh, the compliments.” She smiled sadly. “You are as debonair as always.”

I was also glad to see Gin start to bridge the gap between her and Amelia and to make strides toward being a true mother.  I’m curious of the fallout when Samuel T learns the truth about the girl.

There is definitely a lot going on in this book and I’m anxious to see what happens next.

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