The Anatomy of Jane

WJM, Book #1

By Amelia LeFay

ISBN# 9781544053462

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TV reporter, Maxwell Emerson, and renowned chef, Wesley Uhler, have been in a committed relationship for the last four years.  They come from completely different backgrounds.  Maxwell comes from a well-known and powerful family and Wes is the son of two openly gay and loving mothers.  Do to his family’s expectations and image Max forces them to keep their relationship a secret.  It’s worked great so far.  Although Max’s mom, is getting ready to run for president and is pressuring him to find a respectable woman and get married.  She wants the image of a perfect family, even if her husband is always out cheating on her.  What the public doesn’t know won’t hurt them!

Things are about to change forever for our happy couple when their new maid, Jane Chapman, comes barreling into their lives like a hurricane!

Jane has had a rough life, born a drug baby, she grew up in a group home.  After they’ve left the home, one of the other kids she grew up with opens a gentleman’s club and he finds and hires her to bar-tend and manage the business.  What he doesn’t tell her is that not only did he borrow money from a drug dealer and made a deal to launder money out of the club, but he listed her as co-owner of the business!  Now the debt is being called in, but Allen doesn’t have the money to pay it.  Jane quits working for him once she finds out, and starts working as a maid, but that doesn’t stop the drug dealer’s goon from going after her to try to collect the debt!  Now the only place she feel’s safe is at Max’s penthouse.  And, after they see what’s been done to her, Max and Wes don’t want her to leave.  Their mutual attraction to Jane doesn’t hurt either!  They want to expand their relationship to include her, but can a three-person relationship ever work or are they doomed from the start?

“When you stop lying to yourself, when you admit you want her too, that’s when we see how much she might want us.

I have to say that this book really surprised me.  It wasn’t anything like I was expecting.  Once I saw the cover I figured this book was just a straight smut book , one of those you don’t ever admit to having read; a book that is just sex for the reason of sex and nothing else.  But amazingly this book had a plot, and it was a rather good one at that!  The book starts with explaining how Jane found herself becoming a maid and how she met Max and Wes.  This book then shows the struggle between Wes and Max and their attraction to Jane and eventually them trying to bring her into the fold.  After that, you get the smut you expect.  That part of the book is rather graphic and is not for the faint of heart!  But then … BAM! … plot twist!  I was so hooked by the end, and of course it does leave you in a cliffhanger so now I must go read book two!

Wes was by far my favorite character in this book.  He was so sweet and affectionate, not to mention more understanding then anybody could possibly be.  He’s been kept as Max’s dirty secret for years, after all.

“If she likes me, she has to like you because you’re a part of me.”

Oh and he’s funny too … even if he is a bit cocky!

“I was not aware I was in the presence of a god.”

“I would have told you, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with my magnificence.”

My big issue with Jane though was how she changed from a seemingly naive and innocent girl to sex kitten in a blink of an eye.  She stormed in and demanded her men to be her lovers and to go full throttle at that, no easing into it as Wes and Max expected.

This book does show you the stigma that the LGBTQ community faces every day.  My heart absolutely broke for Wes as Max’s mom was plotting to push him out of Max’s life and using Jane to do it.  And, then for Wes to see how ‘normal’ things could be when he went out with Jane.  I have to admit that being ‘straight’ is so much easier than what the gay and lesbian community goes through on the daily.  It’s quite sad really.

This love story that I questioned even reading because it looked so smutty, it was actually quite beautiful.  They were three parts of one whole, you couldn’t have one without the others.  Jane.  Max.  Wes.  They made their own family in a world that would never accept them.  They were fiercely protective of one another and so caring.  The kind of relationship only few are so lucky to find.  They were made for each other.

“You don’t have to pretend like this…him…us…like we don’t turn you on. So kiss me, Jane.”

Anyway, I ended up loving this book and can’t wait to see what happens next!  This book has become a guilty pleasure for me.

“I wasn’t a good girl.
I wasn’t a bad girl.
I was their girl.”

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