The Accidental Newlywed Game

Boots and Bouquets, Book #3

By Jaci Burton

ISBN# 9780593439630

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Honor has always had a crush on Owen, but when her sister started dating him, she knew she could never be with him.  He ended up running out on Erin days before they were supposed to be married when he got his cancer diagnosis.  Erin went on to marry Jason, but Honor knows it would hurt Erin if she ever tried anything with Owen.  However, they are all still good friends.

Honor thought nothing about having drinks and dinner with Owen when she ran into him in Las Vegas.  However, neither of them expected to get hammered and wake up in bed together the next morning, married.  They both agree that an annulment is in order, if Honor can only keep the drunken wedding a secret from her family until then.

However, it’s harder to dissolve the marriage than either Honor or Owen expected, and in the meantime the two are growing closer together.  Can the pair do what they have set out to do, or will they finally give in to their hearts’ desires?

This was an enjoyable read from start to finish.  I wasn’t a fan of Owen in the first book of the series, The Best Man Plan.  However, he has redeemed himself.  I especially loved when his protective side came out when Honor’s family was being ridiculous.  Someone needed to stand up for her, after all.

I thought Erin was a total brat once she found out about Honor and Owen.  You expect some hurt, but she went a bit overboard with it.  And, I was disappointed to see the way their mom handled the situation as well.  I just expected more from the perceived perfect matriarch of the family.

Overall this was a great book, and I hope Burton finds a way to extend this series now that the three Bellini girls have found love.  I mean Mae is right there and could definitely use a good romance.