Thankless in Death

In Death, Book #37

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780399164422

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Everybody is gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Eve Dallas and Roarke or no different.  The couple are preparing to have a houseful for the holiday with a large chunk of Roarke’s Irish kin staying with them.  Of course, their ever-growing list of friends will also be in attendance for the big feast!

Meanwhile, the NYPSD has decided to award Eve with the Medal of Honor for her work on the Red Horse terrorist case.  And, as a big surprise and to Roarke’s absolute horror they are also awarding Roarke a medal for the work he’s done for the department.

However, crime stops for nobody and it doesn’t take a holiday break.  Jerry Reinhold has taken on a new hobby; killing!  He started with his parents and decided he likes the adrenaline rush and the money he can take from his victims.  He has a huge list of people he feels have wronged him and he’s ready to take them out one at a time.

Eve knows who her killer is, but she hasn’t been able to find him.  It’s up to her and her team to figure out who he will go after next and how to stop him!

“Why aren’t you tired? Why don’t you have to have a protein shake?”

“Because I had a decent lunch and a little tea with biscuits a couple hours ago.”

“I was chasing a killer a couple hours ago.”

“Maybe if you’d eaten something you’d have caught him.”

This story is one that shows you what happens when you coddle and spoil your children too much in life.  You create an entitled brat that doesn’t respect anything or anyone; a child that feels everyone owes him something.

This is one of the few books in the series where you know who the killer is from the first chapter.  Parts of this book are even from Jerry’s point of view and we get the gritty unfiltered look into his crazed mind.  He never even considers the thought that he could be caught and he does nothing to try to cover his tracks!  He’s too busy enjoying the high life from the riches he’s stolen and planning out his future as a hired assassin, he just has to take care of these pesky personal grievances first!

This was a decent read, but not one that kept me glued to my seat.  I could easily put it down and go do other things.

The primary focus was on Eve’s case but we did get the occasional fun scene with Eve and Roarke or with Roarke’s family.  I enjoy Robb/Roberts’s humor and this book definitely has some of it weaved throughout.

“He just took her mouth again, spun her again–twice and toward the bed. She considered putting up a fight, for form’s sake, but just wriggled back enough to scowl at him. “I’m working.”

“Not yet, and you’re mostly naked. Such a fine look on you, one of my favorites.”

“Then why is that closet full of clothes?”

“Because being an understanding sort, I appreciate your insistence on being fully dressed in public.”