2 star rating
Tempt the Stars
Cassandra Palmer, Book #6
By Karen Chance
ISBN# 9780451419057
Author’s Website:  http://karenchance.com/

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*Beware of Spoilers*

tempt-the-stars-cassandra-palmer-karen-chanceCassie Palmer has had to deal with a lot of recent revelations about herself.  The biggest of all being that she is a goddess, the Pythia.  Unfortunately she has had no training and is learning on the job, so to speak!  Her lover, Master vampire, Mircea, does his best to keep her out of trouble by hiring full-time guards for her, but when you can shift time it makes it pretty easy to duck your ‘babysitters’ when you want!

Cassie is still troubled with the sacrifice Pritkin made for her, the one that has sent him back to the Hell (quite literally) he has spent his life escaping from.  But now it’s Cassie’s turn to return the favor!  She will stop at nothing to break him out of his father’s court and bring him back to earth and the life he deserves!

This is the first Cassandra Palmer book I have read.  Nothing like starting at book 6 right?  But the author made it pretty easy to determine what was going on so that I never felt lost.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this book.  Cassie’s personality was one that I could easily relate to, fun and carefree, even when she has such a big job to do!  And, I can definitely understand fumbling around until you figure out exactly what you’re supposed to be doing!

I also enjoyed the men in Cassie’s life: Marco, Pritkin, and Mircea.  Even the playboy club owner, Casanova!  I would have liked to have seen more of Cassie and Mircea’s relationship, but based on this book, it doesn’t look like that relationship will be going anywhere anyway so it’s just as well I didn’t get too drawn in!  I do like the foundation that Chance created for a budding romance with Pritkin though!  A relationship with an incubus has got to be steamy!

So why the low rating if I liked all of the above so much?  The author really lost me in Hell somewhere!  I completely lost my interest during the rescue mission to save Pritkin!  The world was well described, almost too detailed at times.  And, ultimately I found myself bored.  But I did enjoy the windsurfing bit:)

I will definitely give the next novel in the series a go, and hope that it can keep my interest throughout.  It sounds like it will be a fun and interesting adventure!