Tempest Unleashed
Tempest, Book #2
By Tracy Deebs
ISBN# 13: 9780802728302
Author’s site: http://www.tracywolff.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Tempest Unleashed picks up about eight months after Tempest Rising left off.  Tempest is sticking to her decision to live in the ocean and is getting used to her daily life serving the queen, who she doesn’t get along with, and going to see Kona whenever she can.   But she can never quite shake her feelings for Mark.

But when Tempest is plagued with a feeling that something is wrong at home, she and Kona flee to La Jolla to find out what it is.  When they arrive they discover that her little brother, Moku, nearly drowned and is in a coma.  As the days pass the doctors are getting less and less optimistic that he will ever wake up.  It takes Kona going back into the ocean and bringing back the selkie healer to bring him out of it.

Then, her dad informs Tempest that Moku didn’t have a surfing accident, but that it was the sea witch trying to take him.  After hearing this, she has no choice, but to return to the ocean and face Tiamat head-on.

But when she gets back to her undersea home, Coral Straights, she discovers that it has been attacked by Tiamat and her army.  Tempest is also informed that her new trainer, Sabyn helped Tiamat destroy their village.

Tempest seeks out the queen to figure out the best way to attack Tiamat only to learn that the selkies were also attacked.

When Tempest goes to look for Kona she finds that his parents have died, making him king, if he’s still alive that is!  She can’t find Kona anywhere, but finds a note written in his blood telling her where to meet Tiamat.  Now she must risk everything, including her life, to save him.

Again, I was taken in by the cover.  The artwork is breathtaking and I can almost feel the ocean spraying me in the face.  Unfortunately, that was about the only thing in this book that took my breath away.

I found the first half of the book to be pretty boring.  It was basically just showing us readers what a day in life of mermaid tempest was like.  We were introduced to the merQueen and shown how she and Tempest don’t get along and were shown some memories of Cecily, Tempest’s mom.

I was expecting more romance between Tempest and Kona since he was the man she chose to be with, but it just wasn’t there.  In fact, they spent most of their time arguing and Kona’s character still didn’t have any real depth.

I hated seeing more wishy-washiness with Tempest when it came to the loves of her life.  I hate her grass is always greener on the other side type of mentality when it comes to men.  Mark wasn’t good enough when she was with him, but after she was with Kona, he wasn’t either and she wanted Mark back.  It annoyed me how easily Mark took her back and the relationship seems unrealistic as how can she really devote much time an attention to it, when he is on land and she’s in the ocean….talk about a long distance relationship.  Tempest swears she doesn’t want to be anything like her mom, but she continues to get more and more like her and her rekindling a relationship with Mark is a case in point.  Now that she has him will she choose to be with Kona again?  You can just never tell with her.

I really wanted to like this book and I won’t say that I disliked it, but I was just unimpressed.