George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones filming complete

Filming on the pilot for Game of Thrones, adapted from the fantasy novel by George R.R. Martin, has wrapped, according to Visual Effects producer Julia Frey. The three weeks of shooting took place in three different countries and involved a cast of two dozen and more than 100 extras.

Cast members include Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, a woman of royal blood, Peter Dinklage as Cersei’s brother Tyrion, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Cersei’s twin, Jaime, Sean Bean as aristocrat Ned Stark, Jennifer Ehle as his wife, Catelyn Stark, and Mark Addy as King Robert.

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Tapping talks directing and female fans with the ladies of SGU

In the third part of this exclusive Syfy video series, Sanctuary producer/star Amanda Tapping chats up the women of Syfy’s newest series, Stargate Universe, about the growing female fanbase for sci-fi and going behind the camera to direct.

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Who Caused Elena’s Accident on ‘The Vampire Diaries’?

The Vampire Diaries closed out the first half of the season with plenty of turning points. Stefan and Elena finally had sex, Damon learned that there’s someone else trying to open Katherine’s tomb, and most shocking of all, Elena was in a horrific car accident.

While driving away from Stefan after learning she looks exactly like Katherine, his former lover, she encountered a shadowy figure in the middle of the road and flipped her car about 23 times. Miraculously, she remained conscious after the trauma, but the real bad news came when she saw the person she hit put his or her bones back into place and walked ominously towards Elena.

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The CGI in Game of Thrones looks amazing. What do you think?

I too am wondering who caused Elena’s accident. Any ideas?