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Thanks to the almost viral spread of Twitter’s popularity, fans from all over the world can quite literally do the same things, in 140 characters or less, telling stories and sharing opinions tweet to tweet. One group has developed a following of their own; gained approval from HBO and the creators of ‘True Blood’. These ‘True Blood’ Twitter Players have added a very interactive element to watching the show each week, as well as helping to keep interest high between episodes and even seasons.

The group has told me that they come from all over the place. The age range within the group is quite impressive, too, spanning the early 20’s through folks in their 60’s. Anything that has been able to bridge that sort of age gap, and find commonality, is impressive all in its own right.

Once you’ve found a story you love, you grow attached to certain characters. As you can see these guys have taken devotion to a whole new level. VampireBill was drawn to his character because he was “a tragic underdog. His love for Sookie is pure, while his actions may not always be.” As for TaraMaeThornton, she was drawn to Rutina Wesley’s brilliant portrayal of Tara on the show, not the character in the books.

Bringing together a group of this caliber didn’t happen overnight. It began with SookieBonTemps, when she began tweeting in November 2008. She was then joined by EricNorthman, and they served as the basis for the current incarnation of the group. SookieBonTemps told us, “I don’t think you’re ever going to find another group of complete strangers who’ve managed to convey the close relationships these characters have so naturally. It still amazes me how well we play together. It’s probably rooted in our shared appreciation for the books and show characters. While there are moments where we poke fun at our characters, we know that we’re playing in both Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball’s playground, so while we are offering up our own interpretation, we generally know how far we can push things without completely going off cannon.”

This group has people from every walk of life (or undead life) including students, homemakers, and average Joe Geeks. Some never even roleplayed prior to joining the band of online players, and MaryannForreste said, “I’m the weirdest person I know.”

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I just love the ‘True Blood’ Twitter Players – I follow them for a while now and enjoy every tweet. Thanks for this interesting news about the group and some insight about the real-persons behind the character. Are you also following them on twitter?
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