by Richard J. Mouw on netbloghost.com

There was no room at the inn when we tried to make a reservation in mid-August in Forks, Washington—not at the Quality Suites Inn, nor any other motel or B&B in the immediate area. The big draw in Forks these days is the “Twilight” phenomenon. Stepahanie Meyer chose to use Forks as the fictional setting for her novels about teenage love, and now large numbers of tweens and teens have obviously begged their parents to make Forks a major stop on the family vacation itineraries.

The woman with whom I spoke by phone at the Visitors’ Center was apologetic—sort of. “I hate having to disappoint people who are looking for lodging,” she said. But then she quickly added: “Of course, though, it is all quite exciting for us in Forks!”

The craze also affected us the night before we tried to find lodging in Forks. Staying in Port Angeles, about fifty miles from Forks, we called to make a dinner reservation at Bella Italia, reportedly the best Italian restaurant in town. No deal, we were told, because too many teenagers are coming to eat there with their families.

I can’t say I really understand the teenage fascination with the Twilight world. My guess is, though, that it is not unlike the fascination with Harry Potter’s Hogwarts world. Mystery. The classic struggle between good and evil—all with more than a hint of romance thrown in.

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What do you think? Do you agree with Richard J. Mouw that there must be something theologically significant in all of this’?