Derek is running from the cops after saving a teacher from the black wolf. Scott and Stiles are driving Derek’s car and they pick him up at a old warehouse. Jackson confronts Scott at school and tells him he knows what Scott is and is threatening to tell Allison as well. Scott sees Allison in class and sends her photos of both of them to her phone. Allison gets mad and runs out of class. Scott talks to her and she tells him to stop talking to her.

Scott and Stiles go to lunch…Jackson taunts Scott by saying things that only Scott can hear. Scott gets mad and breaks his lunch tray.

Jackson dumps Lydia by text message. Lydia confronts him and is pissed. Scott sneaks into Allison’s room and is looking for the necklace that Aunt Kate gave her. The necklace is a clue to who the alpha wolf is. Scott finds the necklace in a old book and leaves. Scott runs into Allison’s dad outside of the house. He invites Scott in and gives him a beer. Allison is running through the woods and comes across the old mansion where Derek lives. She goes inside and runs into her Aunt Kate. She tells her aunt that she is tired of being scared all the time and is looking for answers.

Scott is confronted by Allison’s dad on how he knows Derek. Scott refuses to give him any answers..he tells Allison’s dad that he did everything he could do to protect Allison that time at the school when the werewolves were outside. Scott leaves Allison’s house to get ready for his lacrosse game.

Meanwhile,Derek and Stiles are working together trying to figure out who the Alpha wolf is and where he is. They go to the nursing home where Derek’s uncle is. Derek’s uncle is not in his bed..Derek figures out it is his uncle who is the Alpha wolf. Derek and his uncle fight in the nursing home.

Derek’s uncle wants to explain things to Derek.

Scott gets ready to play his lacrosse game and sees Allison and her family in the stands.