Teardrop,  Book #1

By Lauren Kate

ISBN#  9780375990694

Author’s Website:  http://laurenkatebooks.net/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

teardropEureka Boudreaux’s happy life comes crashing down along with the huge unexplainable wave that knocks her mom’s car off the bridge and into the ocean.  By some miracle Eureka survives, but her mother doesn’t.  Now she is forced to live a life without her mother, Diane, a life she doesn’t want to live.

It’s been several months since the accident, but Eureka hasn’t been able to get over her grief, and even tried committing suicide at one point.

Her mom left her a strange inheritance that she doesn’t understand, but she feels she must discover what it all means to bring her closer to Diane and to find out what her true destiny is.

And, now out of the blue a strange handsome boy, Ander, keeps appearing out of seemingly nowhere.  And, Eureka finds that she actually kind of likes him even though she knows she shouldn’t.  But Ander’s appearance has caused a strange change in Eureka’s best friend, Brook’s behavior, causing him to be possessive and even mean at times.  Both guys telling her to stay away from the other because they’re dangerous.  But who’s right?  Who can Eureka trust in a world that has gone so horribly wrong for her?

Okay, let’s get this out of the way … I’m not a fan of Young Adult as a genre in general.  I struggle with storylines that truly seem to be targeted toward 12 year old girls.  I was happy to see that I didn’t have my usual issues with this book.  It actually maintained my interest and was a book I felt that adults actually could read without feeling the need to bash their head against the wall a hundred, no a thousand times.  So, for that I am grateful!

Also, I absolutely LOVE the cover of this book!  It’s absolutely beautiful, and appeals to my vain judging a book by its cover side!

But right from the onset of this tale, one thing that drove me nuts was how Eureka always referred to her mom by her first name, Diana.  Yes, she did try to explain it toward the end of the book, but I found the explanation to be a bit weak and it made their whole relationship seem a bit odd, or maybe that’s just Eureka who’s odd.

This book does have the typical love triangle that you would expect in a YA novel.  The problem was trying to decipher who is the ‘good guy’ and who is the ‘bad’.  I did enjoy both guys.  Ander was mysterious and there when it was important, always ready to help.  Brooks on the other hand, had more of a connection to Eureka, but definitely had something taking over him, causing him to do things he normally wouldn’t do, hurting Eureka even seemed to be a main goal of his.  But of course I knew it was something out of his control causing him to act that way, pushing her closer to the one he keeps warning her about.  But I have a feeling the guy Eureka is with at the end of this book, isn’t the one she’ll end up with in the long run.  In fact, I kind of hope not.  Don’t get me wrong I like both guys, but one is just more dear to me than the other!

This is one of those books that did not tie everything up into a nice bow at the end.  In fact, the story really didn’t feel over.  And, yes I understand that there will be more books to this series, but I think there were better places it could have ended.  I would have been happy for the epilogue to not even have been there … maybe it would have been a good starting place for book 2?

Overall this was a decent start to this new YA series by Lauren Kate.  I’m interested to see what happens next and if the series can continue to hold my interest.