You are ‘Team Jacob’ – ‘Team Werewolves’ – ‘Team Quileute’? So you should check out the creations of Bob Basset.

Well, for you pro-werewolf fans, here are your shoes: as seen in the ‘NYTimes Magazine’s’. Now they are on the market – the werewolf shoes! Shoes with giant werewolf claws extending from them.

“For those who run with wolves, Bob Basset, an artist from Kharkov, Ukraine, has created a tantalizing prototype. In addition to their conspicuous claws, his ”leather paw shoes” have foot pads on the underside (digital, metatarsal and tarsus) so wearers can feel lycanthropic to their very soles.”

Does anyone out there love Jacob that much? Are there any readers who might even consider being seen in these the night ‘New Moon’ releases? If so, please reveal yourselves!

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I am really amused and curious – if I’d be Team Jacob I maybe would get this pair of shoes. Are they comfortable?

What’s about you? Do you love Jake or/and the pack of La Push that much that you’d get one of this crazy footwear for premier of ‘New Moon’ in November?