5 star rating
Taken In
A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery, Book #9
By  Elizabeth Lynn Casey
ISBN# 9780425257852
Author’s Website:  http://elizabethlynncasey.com/blog/

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When a trip to the Big Apple ends in murder, the sewing circle searches for a killer who’s rotten to the core. . .

Winning an appearance on a top-rated, New York based morning show means the trip of a lifetime for librarian Tori Sinclair and the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle. Anxious to experience Manhattan with her friends, Tori is less than excited when fellow member Dixie Dunn opts to use the vacation as an opportunity to rendezvous with a man she met online.

Still, Tori never imagined her friend would be taken in by a con man specializing in scamming vulnerable older women—or that Dixie would be arrested for his murder.

Now, as the sewing circle goes up against Gotham’s elite to prove Dixie’s innocence, they will have to unravel tangled secrets and alibis, patch together a mess of clues, and put a clever killer in the city’s hottest spotlight . . .



Taken In was a fun and entertaining read in the Southern Sewing Circle Series. The ladies of the Sewing Circle are taken out of the comfort of their hometown Sweet Briar and plopped down in Manhattan. The ladies won an appearance on a top-rated NY based morning show. While in NY Tori’s former enemy Dixie plans a meeting with a man she met online. All of the ladies have helped to boost Dixie’s profile and can not wait to see how things go.

Unfortunately after Dixie’s meeting the man ends up dead. Then his history as a con man is discovered. After the wonderful time the ladies had with Melly and Kenneth (had to laugh when I read their names), things fall apart. Dixie becomes the prime suspect in the murder. She is even arrested when evidence is found in her possession. The ladies know she could not have been involved.

The wonderful ladies of the Sewing Circle come together to prove their friend’s innocence.  The friendship between these ladies makes this series especially wonderful and heartwarming, while still full of laughs and plenty of twists and turns. This group of women, of all different backgrounds and all different age groups, has such an amazing friendship. Their friendship is the reason they won the trip in the first place. It is also the reason this series is such a treat to read.

Ms Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s writing is easy and fun. As a southern woman myself, sometimes I am amazed at how we are portrayed in literature. This series does an admirable job of that, still keeping the laughs coming and the mystery enjoyable. Of course some of the characters are a bit outrageous, but that is how we can be at times. I would recommend Taken In to any cozy reader, as well as crafters. Also readers that enjoy well developed characters and relationships. Another enjoyable installment in the Southern Sewing Circle Series.

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