With the final season of Lost in full swing, we decided to honor the show in this months Tacky Merchandise. Since Lost is practically a cult classic even before it has ended, anything Lost related can be considered cool, so you might actually like some of what we highlight and some even go hand in hand. Here we go.

DHARMA Initiative Mosaic LOST TV Show Coaster

Hundreds of tiny LOST related pictures make up the Dharma symbol. Rich colored image applied to quality canvas and encased in acrylic.

What better way to capture the drippy condensation from your Dharma Initiative beer than with this Lost Mosaic Coaster.  Show your true Lost fanatical side that will be the envy of all your friends. And as you raise that beer can you can also show off the next item on our list…

DHARMA Initiative Cuff Links

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to guzzle back that beer in relaxed style, you will have to be wearing a nice button down collared shirt.  Heck, you’ll be the best dressed at the next keg party. Don’t fret though, if  your best bud is a tacky purchaser, the next item on our list might help your comfort.

LOST Dharma Beer T-Shirt

Oh my lord….this is sooo tackaaayyy!  This do-it-yourself-iron-on look, brings tacky to a whole new level.  But if your drinking Dharma beer I wouldn’t be surprised. Now if you could only get your hands on some real Dharma beer, your life will be complete, especially with this next item.

LOST Dharma Mixed Island Nuts

Keep em’ thirsty for the non-existant Dharma beer with some fake Dharma salty nuts. Maybe if you eat a few and drink enough you will see Polar Bears in your living room. I have an idea. Next time fool guests or even yourself, by mastering Photoshop, print out some of your own labels and anything in your pantry can resemble the Dharma pantry.

Frank Lapidus – CC Star Vintage Necktie Coin Purse

Relive the breath halting episode of when the helicopter crashed into the ocean, everytime you need some coinage.  It’s also great for looking for change when your playing quarters with your friends. Wink.

LOST Oceanic Airlines Luggage

“Never lose your items. Your bag will look like it just came flight 815 (or any other Oceanic Flight).”

Uh, right. It’s more like play with your fate. Attach this sucker to your luggage and see what happens.  Never mind that, you can totally confuse TSA and have some fun all at once.  You can even use the next item to really screw with their heads as you’re passing through the security check point…and possibly get pulled aside for additional questioning.  You didn’t have to catch that flight did you?

ABC TV show LOST prop Kate Airline Flight 815 2 Tickets

Show these at the boarding gate and you will surely make all everyone ‘lost’. “Security!!!”

Lost Characters Stitchmarkers  (baby bracelet)

Aww, how cute.  Even someone who is a Lost fanatic will have a hard time with these. They scream baby bracelet! I highly doubt your baby is a Lost fan.  Maybe they would work for a Lost Themed baby shower. Hey, whatever floats your freighter boat, right? Wait…are you naming your child Aaron? Is your name Claire? (Cue the Twilight Zone music). What ever you do don’t drink anything a man name Ethan gives you.

LOST Hanso Foundation Dharma Las Vegas Casino Poker Chip

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It’s worth zilch at any casino. It’s a piece of plastic and it’s going for $5?  I’m just shaking my head.


I remember when they used to give these out, during the Pan Am days. Do you remember Pan Am? No? Well, that’s because they’re not in existence (any longer), which is something in common with Oceanic Flight 815.  If you need to spend $12 on plastic wings, you need to get out more.

LOST Dharma Wall, Table Clock

Just what you need to check the time and make sure you’re pressing the Hatch button in time. Doesn’t need batteries and time tripping is not included.

We hope you enjoyed this months Tacky Merchandise edition. Would you actually purchase any of these items? Come on, you can tell us.