4 star

Sweetest Taboo

S.I.N., Book #3

By J. Kenner

ISBN# 9781101967492

Author’s Website:  http://juliekenner.com/

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*Beware of spoilers*

sweetest-taboo-sin-j-kennerDallas’s worst nightmare has come true, the woman who tortured him during his captivity has Jane.  She took her right off the street and sent a photo to him from Jane’s phone.  A photo where Jane’s face had been beaten and the carnival mask the woman always wore was sitting beside her, leaving no doubt who has her.  Now Dallas and his men in Deliverance are in a race against time to find Jane, before it’s too late to save her.

After locating Jane’s phone and as expected, no Jane in sight, Dallas is out of leads.  He does the only thing he can, go after Colin for answers.  However, Dallas isn’t getting what he wants.  But luckily the other members of Deliverance find witnesses that lead to them finding Jane alive.

Dallas thought he lost Jane, first by his secret about Colin and her storming out and then by the woman taking her.  But she comes back to him and he will stop at nothing to keep her by his side.  But the woman makes it clear that she’s playing for keeps and that Jane is very much in danger.  It’s up to Dallas to find a way to protect Jane from the unknown threat that lurks around every corner and to protect her from the world around them that tries to rip them apart.  The world that thinks their relationship is vile and sinful.  And above all Dallas wants to find a way that they can be together forever, out in the open and to just live a life like everyone else with the one they love.

“What? Want to see her? You saw her. Christ, Bill, she was attacked and beaten and dumped at the curb like garbage. She’s hanging on by a thread.” She was doing a hell of a lot better than that, but Jane’s emotional state was no longer Bill’s business.

Bill’s eyes dipped down to Dallas’s crotch. “Is that what she was hanging on to?”

I was so happy I was able to read this book early, waiting to October would have been nothing short of torturous.

I still love Dallas and Jane.  They have overcome so much, but they still have curve balls being thrown at them at every turn.  But they’re battling them together and together they can overcome anything.

With Dallas’s problem seemingly fixed we get a lot of hot sexy scenes between this couple and Dallas realizes that he doesn’t even need the dark anymore.  Although sometimes, they venture there anyway.

This book has some predictability to it as far as the woman is concerned.  I had guessed at the end of the last book, Hottest Mess, who she was, and I was right!  I also figured out she’d strike again and pretty much knew when it was going to happen once the situation presented itself.  But the knowing of all that didn’t deter from my enjoyment of the ride.  I loved this book and I’m a little sad as I assume this series is over now that Dallas and Jane’s story has completely been told, their captures all having been discovered and dealt with.  However, I wouldn’t mind if there was some way to keep it going through other characters or something, but I’m not holding my breath.  It was a great series and I’m glad I was able to read it.  A big thank you to the author and publisher for introducing me to this sinful world!  I may have to check out the Stark books and get a better look at Dallas’s business associate and friend, Damien!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*