Sweep in Peace

Innkeeper Chronicles, Book# 2

By Ilona Andrews

ISBN: 9781943772322

Author’s Website: http://www.ilona-andrews.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar


The Dina DeMille, the innkeeper of Gertrude Hunt, is back with a new story to tell

Sweep in Peace, starts on a rainy night with Dina receiving a galactic stranger. Thinking that he is looking for a place to stay, the thought rapidly leaves Dina’s mind when she sees that the man carries the mark of the Arbitrators. For a moment, she thinks that Gertrude Hunt is being sued, but this man comes with a proposition for her. The Arbitrator identifies himself as George Camarine, and he wants to hire Gertrude Hunt to play host for a peace summit. The monetary offering is more than enough to help Dina, but what makes her decision is that her Inn needs guests, and she doesn’t get a lot quite often. Before accepting the offer, she asks who is part of the summit, to which she learns that it is the Holy Cosmic Anocracy, the Hope-crushing Horde, and the Merchant clan Nuan. For the Holy Anocracy, the House of Krahr is to attend, and for the Hope-crushing Horde the Otrokars.

Everything is ready for the summit. The Arbitrator’s party that consist of his brother Jack and their cousin Gaston arrived, and Orro the chef has worked all day to make the meals. Now they just need to wait for the party delegation to arrive. Everything goes well so far until the Holy Anocracy delegation arrives in front of the Inn instead of the backyard as it was planned and are spotted by officer Marais that has been watching the Inn for some time. From there on, things start to go bad for Dina and the summit, and she even finds a stranger that is cloaked and invisible to her security, who has also stolen from Clan Nuan.

Doing everything in her power, Dina tries to keep the peace between the delegations and to find the invisible stranger, all for the sake of thousands of lives, Gertrude Hunt, and herself.

I liked this second book in the series. It was fun to see Dina, Beast, and Lady Caldenia again. For readers of the Innkeepers Chronicles, one cannot forget Gertrude Hunt, who is like a character itself. In this book, we are introduced to new characters (animals) and we also see some old ones that we met briefly in the first book.

If you are a fan of Ilona Andrews, then the name of the Arbitrator, George Camarine, will sound familiar, as he is the brother of Rose Camarine from the first book of their Edge series. Now all grown up, we see him and other characters from the series, in this peculiar series that has mentioned many different worlds and universes.

For those who liked the different aliens and vampires from the Clean Sweep, don’t worry. There are plenty of aliens in this book, and we see once again the Holy Anocracy and the marshal of the House of Krahr. And don’t worry, that lonely werewolf makes his appearance.

In the Innkeeper series, my favorite scenes are the ones where Dina uses her connection and the power of the Inn to change, just like how to manipulate it to suit the needs of their guests. This time, when she shows that she is the supreme inside the inn and that her word is the law, was my favorite scene to read many times.

Like the first book, Sweep in Peace was first released on the website of author Ilona Andrews. The book was release one part each week for the length of last 2015, and later was published. At the moment, the three book, One Fell Sweep, of the series is starting to being posted by the author couple and is already starting to become interesting.

If you are a fan of the Innkeeper Chronicles and of author-couple Ilona Andrews, I recommend you read Sweep in Peace. Stay in Gertrude Hunt again, try to survive a peace summit that has more hidden mysteries than it actually let’s see, and learn a thing or two about doing what is the best for peace.