Few days ago OBS introduced you to ‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins SOURCE

This time we have an interview Deborah Hopkins did with the author for you (published on

Q: You’ve been a successful writer of books such as Gregor the Overlander series. Did the overwhelming reaction to The Hunger Games take you by surprise?
SC: The reaction did surprise me somewhat.

Q: Has it been difficult to find time to write?
SC: It has been harder to find time to write, especially last fall, when I was promoting The Hunger Games, finishing Catching Fire and developing book three.

Q: At what point did you know that your story was a trilogy?
SC: I knew from the beginning. Once I’d thought through to the end of the first book, I knew there would be repercussions from the events that take place there. So I actually proposed it as a trilogy from the outset, with the main story laid out.

Q: It’s rare to find a book with two such appealing romantic heroes as Peeta and Gale. Do you know how the romantic triangle will turn out in Book Three?
SC: Yes, I do.

Q: Where do you live and what does your family think about your success?
SC: We now live in Connecticut. I have a daughter, age 10 and my son, 15. My son’s a great reader for me. And they both have a good time teasing me about all the attention.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do when you’re not writing?
SC: I like to read and watch old movies. And these days, when I can, sleep!

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Thank you for this wonderful interview and for not spoiling. It seems Suzanne is a very grounded, talented, and nice women. Did you also enjoy this interview? Do you know her books or are you going to read them now after knowing more about the author?

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