Katerina Graham: A Back Stage Exclusive

“I’m very strange, I’m not going to lie”, says Katerina Graham. Strange? Perhaps. But only in the best sense of the word. A woman of many talents, Katerina sang with and Snoop Dogg, danced with Missy Elliott and the Black-Eyed Peas, and got a degree in recording engineering from the Musicians Institute all before she could vote.

Now she’s starring as Bonnie in the CW’s breakout hit “The Vampire Diaries,” based on the popular series of books.

ACTOR2WATCH: What was your first real break as an actor?

KATERINA GRAHAM: This maybe? I had a few little ones. I didn’t really get a big break. I don’t know if that necessarily applies to me but I did “Movie Surfers” when I was like 13 or 14 for the Disney Channel when I would interview different people from different films and that got me a lot of recognition.

Fanta was a big campaign that got me some recognition. It’s always like after these shows are finished, you’re sort of back to where you began, back to the auditioning room.

So I feel like “Vampire Diaries” is the biggest thing that I’ve had that’s turning into something beyond whatever I’ve experienced before. But I don’t know if I’ve ever really gotten a big break before this. I feel like I’ve had opportunities and then they’re gone.


She is great as Bonnie in Vampire Diaries, a witch trying to come to terms with her powers. I’m looking forward to the development of her character. Maybe she can kick Damon’s ass LOL.

Supernatural: Who Knew The Antichrist Was Adorable?

The Winchesters find out there’s nothing more dangerous than a child’s innocent imagination on Supernatural — at least, that’s the case when the child in question happens to be a demon/human hybrid we might know as “The Antichrist.” Ulp!

Urban Legends Come to Life
We loved the premise behind this — that when the world starts behaving by childhood rules, you could be in big trouble. Itching powder makes you scratch your brains out, joy buzzers turn into powerful electrocution machines, Pop Rocks + Coke = exploding stomach, playing with yourself leads to hairy palms, your face really can freeze that way, and the tooth fairy is a burly bearded guy in a pink tutu who will happily steal all your teeth — but leave you with quarters. We’d heard about all the other bits, but the bear-like tooth fairy? We kind of think that’s special to the show.

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Jesse was adorable, I was sad when he disappeared. I hope he pops up again.

What do you think of last night’s episodes of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural?