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Supernatural Season 6: Episode 6
‘I Believe the Child are our Future’

This episode opens with a young woman, Amber, alone in a living room in Alliance, Nebraska. There is a thud from somewhere behind her and she turns away from the movie she’s watching to investigate. She sources out that the sound came from the closet and when she opens it the body of her charge, a precocious young boy, is inside. But he’s not dead, merely playing a practical joke. He was supposed to be in bed and she’s a little upset. He tries to bargain with her about him going to sleep but she just sends him back upstairs. She settles down in front of the movie and before she gets involved she hears a dog outside, nearby, going crazy. The last we see, she’s peering out the windows.The boy’s parents come home and the father attempts to wake her up. She appears to be in a deep sleep but after a couple of moments, she is pushed over and it is discovered that her head has experienced severe trauma.

The next scene gives us Dean and Sam, playing the role of Federal Agents. They are investigating the apparent attack of Amber, which led to her death. The coroner asks them why they never read the report he emailed that morning. “Server issues” Sam mumbles. The medical examiner explains that he found a press-on nail in the temporal lobe…. It appears that she did it to herself. She clawed into her own skull. The brothers can’t believe she did something that would take hours and cause so much pain. It’s something they have never seen, in all the weirdness of their lives.

Sam and Dean head to the house of the people she was babysitting. They want to assume something in the house made Amber do this, some sort of ghost illness maybe. The young boy, Jimmy, is watching the whole proceedings with a guilty conscience. Dean questions him quietly. It becomes apparent that he knows more than he’s letting on. After threatening to take him “downtown” Dean discovers the secret. Itching powder. Jimmy sprinkled itching powder on Amber’s brush. Sam is resistant to the new theory. Itching powder isn’t a good explanation. It’s just powdered seeds… not a weapon. They both seem puzzled a bit and a call comes in. Something else has happened.

A man has been electrocuted in a seniors home across town. The body is being taken away and the only witness seems to be a little confused. “Senile”. When Sam and Dean approach him they can’t quite figure it out. He’s mumbling about not thinking it would work, it was just a joke. “What was a joke?” Dean asks. The old man turns his hand over and they see a joy buzzer in his hand.

The next scene has Dean strapping on safety goggles, pulling on some rubber gloves and preparing to test this joy buzzer. Sam stands farther back and Dean presses the buzzer into a hock of pork (which CSI has taught us is the most like human flesh) and it electrifies the meat. “What the hell? It isn’t supposed to do that?” Both brothers are baffled. It must be cursed objects then. Both the itching powder and joy buzzer came from the same place so it must be where it’s coming from… logically speaking.

They head to the magic shop, Dean indulges his 8 year old self and buys a whoopie cushion, and talk to the owner. He’s sold only 1 buzzer, 1 packet of itching powder and is a little bitter that the youth of today care more about phones and “kissing vampire movies”. Dean leads the man in a conversation, hoping to illicit a confession, finally flourishing the buzzer and slamming it into a rubber chicken on the desk… melting it. And terrifying the shopkeeper as well. Something says he may not be the guy they are looking for.

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