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Chapters 14-18

Chloe and Rae talked Mrs. Talbot in to letting them room together from now on. As they started they started packing Rae’s things up, Rae asked Chloe if she liked Simon because she noticed that they are always talking. When Chloe was finally able to get a word in, she told her that she was actually more interested in knowing why Derek was at the house. Rae immediately took it the wrong way, Chloe doesn’t know how to say why she wants to look him up, so she just tells her he creeps her out a bit and she wants to see if there is anything to be afraid of.

The had a game plan all set up, at 2:30 they would sneak in to the office and make copies of Simon and Derek’s files. When their alarm clock woke them they started their plan, Chloe made sure they set up a diversion in case anyone came down stairs. This was good thinking on Chloe’s part because after they were done scanning everything they heard a noise and bolted for the kitchen. As they pretended to raid the kitchen pantry Derek walked in eying them. Chloe could tell that he suspected something and when they ran upstairs Chloe couldn’t help but look back and notice that Derek was looking at the office door. When they got to their room Rae told Chloe that she couldn’t find any kind of file for Simon, but Derek’s had no information on the dad they are always ranting about. What Chloe read next was really no surprise, Derek had an antisocial personality disorder. But what she didn’t expect to find was that he got in to a fight and because of him a boy may never walk again.

Favorite Quotes
“I don’t care for the guy, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe he’s just stuck up with me because I’m not in his league.” – Rae

“Got that right. No wonder he’s been stuck here so long-” – Rae

“It isn’t yours either. You understand that, too, right? It’s a medical condition. You didn’t do anything to cause it.” – Aunt Lauren

“Watch it, Chloe. You wouldn’t want to hit me. Then I’d have to tattle on you.” – Derek

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Derek came downstairs why Chloe and Rae where looking for his file?

Why do you think it was so hard for Simon to believe that Derek hurt Chloe even though she had bruises for proof?

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