3 Star rating
Summer Moon
Celtic Wolves, Book #2
By Jan DeLima
ISBN# 9780425266212
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summer-moon-celtic-wolves-jan-delimaLuc loves his brother Dylan, who saved his life, raised him and created a home for him.  Being born a wolf, he would have been killed if not for Dylan’s sacrifice.  But as much as Luc loves Dylan, his wolf is an alpha and longs for a home of his own, not wanting to take orders from others.  So when Rosa comes for help and offers him a chance to have his own land, he can’t say no.  But will forging a new life with Rosa, even if it’s all for show, tarnish the memory of his deceased Koko?

Rosa’s mean Guardian husband was killed at the hands of Dylan.  Now the remaining Guardians have a plan for her.  A fertility ceremony that involves her and 8 unmated warriors.  She must stop it from happening and take control of her home once and for all.  But she can’t do it alone she needs the help of Dylan and his people.  But she never expected a new husband being part of the plan.  Is she trading one prison for another?

I really enjoy DeLima’s writing.  This series grips me and doesn’t let go until the end of each book, always leaving me wanting more.  Summer Moon was no different.

I absolutely loved Luc.  He was battling enough internal struggles for a whole pack of wolves!  He just needed to strike out on his own to let his alpha wolf have the freedom he craved, no demanded!  I loved how gentle he was with Rosa, and how protective he was too, even when he had just met her!  The scenes with him and Audrey were pretty sweet as well.

But the promises his first wife put on him before her death seemed a bit unfair and made me think she was a right evil bitch to be honest.  Have a mate, but let her run with the wind instead of him.  She was sentencing him to half a life.  Of course this was his biggest struggle of all, not wanting to tarnish her memory and break those promises.

Luc and Rosa made a great couple though and I hope we see more of them in the next installment of the series, and I’m anxious to see the result of what they did under that first summer moon!

The end of this book teased of what is to come.  Cormack and Ellen.  I for one, can’t wait!  These two have been dancing around each other for some time.  I’m expecting Cormack to make quite the transformation and show Ellen he is everything she needs and more.  She’ll need all the help she can to keep her out of the Guardians grasp!

Read this series.  It’s a fun shifter story that you won’t want to put down!

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