REUTERS, NewYorkTimes;

Hard core vampire fans take heart, a new movie about the fabled living dead has a bit more bite to it than the popular “Twilight” brand of blood suckers.

Actor/director Rob Stefaniuk brings an EDGIER twist to the vampire story in his rock ‘n’ roll romp “Suck,”

Stefaniuk’s hero is a conflicted musician in a go-nowhere band looking for immortality and a record deal. Then, the female bassist, played by Jessica Pare, is made into a sexy vampire, transforms her bandmates, and fame quickly ensues.

“I was getting into my 30s and feeling a little old. I came up with a vampire idea as far as staying young forever,” Stefaniuk told Reuters.

“That metaphor worked so well with rock ‘n’ roll — staying up all night, sleeping all day, the look itself. Dead people sell more records, rock ‘n’ roll will never die, blood sucking managers,  just kept working.”

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Alright this movie sounds kind of cool.

Would you go see this movie?