Stygian’s Honor

Breeds, Book #19

Wolf Breeds, Book #9

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425246078

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The Breeds have come to Window Rock, Arizona and the Navajo Nation to find out what happened to three missing kids from over a decade ago.  The Genetics Council experimented on them for years, but they were eventually released.  However, the council wanted them back and the kids were on a fight for their very lives to keep their freedom. 

Jonas’s daughter, Amber, is getting sicker by the day from what Brandenmore injected her with.  These three kids, now adults, may be the only ones that can help save the toddler.  However, they’re running out of time and Jonas will stop at nothing to save the little girl he loves.

Liza Johnson works for the Navajo Nation and also for a secret organization to help protect their people and their secrets.  The team has discovered a group of unknowns watching Liza.   They are trying to use her to draw them out so they can identify them.  However, a certain stubborn Breed, Stygian Black, is interfering with their mission.

Stygian is keeping a close eye on Liza, but when there is an attack at her home, he jumps into action.  He will stop at nothing to keep his mate safe.  She has no idea that a past she doesn’t even remember has painted a huge target on her back.  That very past may even put Stygian up against his own people.  It could put him up against Jonas himself.  Protecting his mate, or saving an innocent babe is a choice nobody wants to have to make, but Stygian may have to do just that!

I was happy to have some time to spend with the Breeds, but sadly I really didn’t like this book.  I didn’t connect with any of the characters.  Usually I can at least enjoy the cocky Breed, but not this time.  It wasn’t that I disliked Stygian, but he just didn’t seem to bring much to the table.  He didn’t stand out from the other Breeds that we’ve already read about.  Liza is fighting a past that she didn’t even know about and has some self-discovery to do, which didn’t make for interesting reading.  Not to mention she tended to argue for the sake of arguing, which was pretty obnoxious.

I found this book to be incredibly boring.  There was no humor or fun that I’ve grown to expect from the Breeds.  The only ones to even attempt fun were the Coyotes, and even that was pretty mild.

Liza’s past was confusing, as I suspect it was supposed to be.  However, even her present was kind of puzzling as I was trying to figure out the relationships within the Navajo Nation.

This book has a lot of angst and sex scenes.  And, honestly even the sex scenes became boring and uninspired.  You can only read the same thing so many times before your eyes start to glaze over. 

This book did advance the storyline with Honor, Fawn, Judd, and Gideon though.  However, that was all revealed in just a handful of chapters and the rest felt like unnecessary filler.

I hate that I didn’t like this book, but I’m hopeful the next one will be better.