‘True Blood”s Ryan Kwanten is a ‘Streamy’ Presenter!


The True Blood Aussie actor was a presenter at this year’s Streamy Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium, and dude was looking hotter than hot in a classic black and white suit (above)!

Ryan presented an award alongside internet celeb Justine Ezarik.

SO excited to see Ryan in the next season of True Blood! Can’t wait to witness the SEXtastic adventures that burning hot body will inevitably get up to!!!!

It’s been awfully quiet on the True Blood front, but it’s great to see Ryan all snazzed up, as we’re used to seeing our favorite sex-crazed goofball, Jason Stackhouse,  in uniform (also yummy, you know what they say about a man in uniform!) or in jeans and a t!  This proves that the boy can clean up nicely!

So for us True Blood starved junkies…. tell us (in the comments section below) what’s your favorite Jason Stackhouse moment?  It can be from the show or the books…