OBS Member HollyJo shares her thoughts on the recent actress changes in the Twilight Saga.

Hey what do you know people are mad at Summit again… What’s new!!? I’m going to try and be a voice of reason and calm in this twi-storm. It’s fine and expected that fans will be hurt and upset over Rachelle leaving the saga. I’m saddened by it myself. And it’s not surprising that a majority of the fans are taking her side in this over Summit. She’s the “little guy” and Summit is the big bad villain that keeps ruining things.. But is that really the case? It’s easy to assume that Rachelle is speaking the complete truth and that Summit is just trying to cover their asses. But my experience is that you don’t always get the full story. Rarely do people ever fess up and say that they might have been partially to blame in a bad situation. So I’m not going to point fingers because I don’t know the “whole” story.

And is Summit really ruining the saga with the decisions they make? I mean honestly every thing that we’ve worried our pretty little heads about has been fine! The director changes, the wolf cgi, more Edward (but not too much), the location changes, changing the actors in the wolf pack, Almost getting rid of Taylor…. insert a million more complaints and concerns here..

So I’m not going to be quick to judge who’s right and who’s wrong in this.

I’m not going to prejudge BDH as Victoria until I see it!

I’m still going to see Eclipse when it comes out and I’ll most likely love it.

And I’m going to call bullshit on those of you who say you won’t watch Eclipse if Rachelle isn’t playing Victoria! You know just as well as I do that we’ll all be there to hopefully see some leg hitching on a brand new bed! 😀

Also I’m going to remember that one of the biggest cast changes ever happened in Harry Potter when Richard Harris died. Yes the circumstances were completely different but it was still a change. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how the new actor would portray the character of Dumbledore, but it worked and I’m sure this will work too!

What do you think?