Women of the Otherworld, Book #2
By Kelley Armstrong
ISBN# 9780452296664
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Stolen is the second installment in Kelley Armstrong’s supernatural series, Women of the Otherworld.  This is a series that I didn’t think I’d like, but quickly fell in love with.

This book starts out with Elena on her way to Pittsburgh to investigate an advertisement for information on werewolves.  She has ducked out on Clay so she could handle this solo and to make sure that the pack isn’t in danger of being exposed.

Once she gets to her appointment, she discovers they already know she’s a werewolf and have placed the ad specifically to target her.  The two that set it in motion are a couple of witches, Ruth and Paige.  They inform her that the werewolves are in danger along with all other supernatural beings.  Rich Tycoon, Ty Winsloe, and his hired cronies are kidnapping all the creatures he can get his hands on and the wolves could be next.  The witches insist Elena bring her leader to a meeting they’re having in Vermont.

That night Elena goes for a jog and someone is following her, trying to capture her.  She escapes with the help of Ruth and Paige.  And after she informs her alpha, Jeremy, of what happened he sees no choice, but to attend the meeting.

Jeremy and Elena go to the meeting and listen to what everyone has to say, but decide to eventually go off on their own to handle the threat.  Clay joins them and they caravan out of town.  Elena is driving solo, but gets into a wreck.  Before Clay and Jeremy catch up to her, she is drugged and taken away.  She has officially been stolen and thrown into the prison that even she doesn’t see how to escape from.

I absolutely loved the predecessor to this book, Bitten, and was really excited to get to read Stolen.  This one was pretty good, but I don’t think it quite lived up on Bitten though.

This book got off to a slow start for me, but the storyline was interesting and kept me engrossed in the story.  This was definitely one that I didn’t want to put down once Elena was kidnapped and the plot thickened so to speak.

“A guitar twanged from the far-off radio. Country music. Damn. They’d resorted to torture already.”

I think my main complaint in this book is there wasn’t nearly enough Clay in it.  I was expecting the book to switch to Clay’s point of view and show when they discovered the wrecked explorer that Elena had been driving or show their attempts at finding her, but they never do.  In fact the entire book is narrated by Elena.  And the only time we hear from Jeremy or Clay during Elena’s captivity is when Paige pulls Elena into her body so she can talk to her alpha.  So needless to say I was bummed to find out that in the next book it will start shifting to other women in the series as book three, Dime Store Magic, focuses on Paige, which is bound to have even less Clay in it….in fact, he will probably be non-existent.  I’m sure it will be good once I get past the no Clay thing though.

Stolen is a definite must read for Kelley Armstrong fans and any werewolf lover will definitely want to take a big yummy bite.