5 star rating
A Haunting on Long Island
By Michael Phillip Cash
ISBN# 1484196060
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stillwell-a-haunting-on-long-island-michael-phillip-cashOMG, OMG, I couldn’t put this down it was that good. This is not my usual genre but it will be now if they write as well as Michael Phillip Cash. I got lost in the words and only put it down long enough to cook supper. Yep, life gets in the way when it comes to a good book and this is one. It’s not too scary but scary enough. This is a must buy if you like mystery, romance and a ghost or two.

Paul Russo must go on with his life after losing his wife to cancer. Although he has three kids with her, he feels like he died along with her. They have known each other as long as they can remember and been in love just as long.

Paul’s grief is so deep, so full of longing for his wife that it consumes him every minute of the day. Now he’s having nightmares of Allison being held by a monster and he knows he has to save her.  He’s not sure how to get help without people thinking he’s crazy and might want to take the kids away from him.

A little after Allison’s death, Paul has to finally return to work. His wife’s sickness has drained them of their savings and they will be needing money soon.  Sitting at his desk checking his emails Paul sees one from a friend wanting to sell his parents house. This was a huge deal because the value of house and property is in the millions.

Unknown to Paul a murder-suicide had taken place in the house that alone was going to make the house harder to sell but it was known to be haunted by a young woman who died on the property. While going through the property Paul sees things that others don’t see like the crime scene of the murder-suicide.

But is anything ever like it seems? Not usually. The truth is never what you think it is. This is a well-written story and I urge anyone to read it even if this is not your usual genre because it’s that good.

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