Twilight series novelist Stephenie Meyer is now the market-wise benefactor of charitable institutions for the homeless.

Her fifth published novel, The Host, will be merchandised by a fledgling skating gear company called Hobo Skate Co. Hobo benefits local charities in assistance of the homeless.

Meyer’s interest in working with Hobo Skate Co., according to a report that quotes one of the company’s co-founders, stemmed from the charitable nature of the organization and its promise of future collaboration with these local groups (once a profit is attainable and available for share). Chances are, Meyer’s marketing deal with Hobo will bring them to that point sooner rather than later.

Meyer, who also lives in Cave Creek and is a family friend of Hancock’s, invited him to design a one-of-a-kind skateboard for a cancer-charity auction she was hosting in the spring. The deck sold for $1,500, and she was so impressed that she approached the two men about partnering on a line of gear.

“She knew that by doing that deck for the charity event, people saw Hobo as a company tied to a social cause,” Hancock said.

The skateboards will be available online at first and then in major retailers.

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I was fortunate enough to attend the event that was mentioned above (Save the Book Babe). I had a chance to see the skateboard and it was beautiful. I couldnt believe it sold for $1,500!

Here is a pic of the skateboard that was auctioned at the event:

Its so cool that Hobo and Steph are teaming up to sell them to the public and raise money for the Homeless! Go Steph! I wonder if they will also team up to design T-shirts etc?

Do you skate? If so, will you buy one of these ‘Host’ decks?