Stephenie Meyer
The Host
The Host, Book #1

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

Earth is being taken over by aliens that capture humans and then put their species, souls, as they call themselves, into the human bodies.

Young Melanie Stryder has been hiding out from these aliens with her younger brother, Jaime, and a man they met along the way, Jared, whom she has fallen in love with.  But Melanie separates from them in an attempt to find and save her Aunt Maggie and cousin, Sharon.  But in the process Mel is caught by the aliens and a soul known as Wanderer is inserted inside her.  Most humans fade away once a soul has been placed in their bodies, but not Melanie, she’s too much of a fighter and won’t give Wanderer the satisfaction of defeat.

The longer that Melanie and Wanderer share a body the closer they become.  Wanderer heads out by car to go find her healer to see if he can help her control Melanie.  But as they near a place that was important to Mel and Jared, Wanderer is overcome by Melanie’s memories and she too wants to find the men that Mel loves so dearly, as she is shocked to discover, that she loves them to.

They head out on the search to find them, and find a colony of humans that have managed to evade the aliens.  But they are all frightened of Wanderer and are afraid that her presence will put them in danger.  Over time Wanderer earns most of the humans’ trust but there are still a few that want to kill her, including her beloved Jared, who doesn’t know what to believe or what to do.  Will she ever be able to earn his trust and get back what they once had?  Or will sexy and sensitive Ian win her heart?

This book is a big one at 619 pages and it takes a lot longer to get into the story then I had expected.  I did like Melanie’s memories of her life with Jared but most of the other stuff, in the beginning, was boring to me. Once I did get into it, it was nice for a little bit.  I did like Jared and Ian and the love triangle (or was it a square?) they had with Melanie and Wanderer but that was the only thing that was interesting to me and the outcome was ultimately predictable.  I know a lot of people really liked this one but overall I was unimpressed.