Title: Start Online Dating

Series: Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

By:  Lillianna Blake


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Beep – I’ll have to do something, my love life is like the Sahara. Dry, barren and waiting for rain to fall so it can bloom. 

Beep – So my pal suggested online dating and now I’m feeling like the most desired woman in the world. My laptop keeps announcing amorous messages all day and all night. Beep, beep, beep – my clarion call of love. 

Beep – Hold on a minute, new message coming in. Oh no, what the beep is that? There’s some real weirdos in this dating world. I’ll need to start deleting. I don’t know if these few people have poor skills in interacting with women or they do it so on purpose. If I were them I would click here and learn from the best online dating course to improve interaction with women. Beep, beep, beep – ooooh, he’s nice, must go, tally ho! (Goodreads)


This edition of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List is titled Start Online Dating. It all starts with a profile, which has been created by Sam’s neighbour Kat and herself. Sam is definitely apprehensive:

Do you want a date or not?” Kat asked…

“I do, I just don’t know if this is the right way to go about it. I mean who are these men that will respond to me? Will I even get any responses?” I asked.

“Oh, you’ll get responses,” Kat said. “You just have to worry about whether you’ll get any decent responses.”

That definitely set the tone. This dating on line is not for the faint of heart. I chuckled when Kat started showing Sam how to read between the lines on a man’s profile:

“…But when you read his profile, you have to read between the lines. He says he’s close to his family-which means he probably lives with his mother. He wants someone he can have a spiritual connection with. That means he’s into open relationships and wants to have a spiritual connection with as many women as possible,” Kat said.

I really liked how Sam decided what she wanted in a man:

A man could have every physical attribute that I was looking for, but if he couldn’t make me laugh-if he didn’t share my light-hearted optimistic view on life, I wouldn’t want to be with him.

When Samantha put herself out there and actually went out on a date, I was silently high fiving her. Way to go, putting yourself out there. I know it is not easy (as I have done this in the past). Richard (her date) was a nice enough fella but not the love of her life. In fact, there was no chemistry. But Sam saw the bright side, she would have never met Richard in life if not for the dating site. 

Now if she could just get Max out of her head! Then dating other men might be easier.

The next installment, Learn Yoga, is loaded on the e-reader and awaiting the next time I power up and read.