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Stargate Universe Season 1: Episode 3 – ‘Air’ (Part 3)

The planet that Destiny dialed is a desert. Lt. Scott, Eli, Sgt. Greer, Rush, Dr. Franklin, Dr. Palmer and Curtis head to the planet to find something that will work as a scrubbers for the CO2 building up on the ship. They begin testing the soil (putting the sand in water and adding chemicals) looking for calcium carbonate (Lyme). They are hoping to find a lake bed, where the concentration should be high enough to be useful. Since there isn’t anything near the gate, they begin hiking.

On the ship, young talks to Chloe about her father’s death, telling her he saved them all. Young tells her he’s going to use the communication stones to report to Stargate Command, and Chloe says she wants to be the one to tell her mother.

At the Pentagon, Col. Telford refuses to leave the communication stones, but is stopped midsentence when Young switches places with him. Young asks to speak to Gen. O’Neill. Chloe has switched places with Dr. Mehta.

On the ship, Telford is lying face down on the floor, after trying to get up, not realizing that Young was hurt. TJ and Dr. Mehta help him up.

On Earth, O’Neill meets with Chloe and Col. Young. O’Neill talks to Chloe for a bit, then a Major escorts her to see her mother. Young explains to O’Neill that there are lots of problems on board, and that they may not have much time left. Young asks that everyone on board get a chance (using the stones) to say goodbye.

On the planet, the group is exploring, but finding nothing. Dr. Franklin suggests checking another planet, but Rush insists that The Destiny dialed this planet because the solution is there. Scott suggests the split into two groups: Scott, Rush, Greer and Eli, Dr. Franklin, Dr. Palmer and Curtis. Eli thinks it’s a terrible idea, but Scott pulls him aside and says he needs someone he can trust to lead the second team; and he trusts Eli.

On Earth, Chloe pulls up to her house. The Major goes in first to try to explain the situation to Mrs. Armstrong, but all she hears is that Chloe is there. When Chloe walks out in a different body, Mrs. Armstrong freezes. Back inside, Mrs. Armstrong starts drinking, while Chloe tries to explain what has happened. Mrs. Armstrong breaks down when Chloe tells her the Senator is dead.

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